Friday, October 24, 2014

Living Pretty With Your Pets: A Home Full Of Color

Pet Love Friday today! And today I have a another blogger who is very, very dear to my heart. I virtually met her a long time ago on Pinterest. Yes, it can happen, it does happen! Something about her just stuck with me because she happens to be a very special person. I actually got to meet at Haven and I'm so glad we did. I wish we'd live closer because I know we would have a great time hanging out.

Meet my friend Shavonda of "A Home Full Of Color":

Hi Everyone! My name is Shavonda and I blog over at A Home Full Of Color. Im happy to be here today. I absolutely ADORE Julia, so when she asked if I would come on and talk a bit about our four legged family member I just couldn't say no. Allow me to introduce you to our gentle soon-to-be-giant, Callie.

Callie is our 5 month old Great Dane puppy. Yup, you heard right....Great Dane! Her markings are deceiving and we got a whole lotta "is that a Dalmation?" Nope, not a Dalmation. She's a blue harlequin. Traditional harlequins are black and white like her dad, but her mom is full blue (grey), so she got dads markings in moms color. She's unique and sweet as pie, and we just love her. Now lets back track a bit at start from the beginning. Why a Dane? Because my wife is obsessed with the breed. Plain and simple. We knew we wanted to welcome a large dog into our family for over 2 years so we did lots and lots of research and narrowed down the list. Although Danes are known to have several medical issues, a relatively short life span, and are MASSIVE, we just couldn't see ourselves with anything else. Oh and did I mention we decided on a Dane after downsizing into a smaller house! Who does that!? We do apparently. #gluttonsforcraziness While we are usually very pro adoption, we really wanted to raise her from a puppy, (especially since they require lots of special attention) so we found a highly reputable breeder in Southern California where Naomi is from, and in August we brought her home when she was 10 weeks old. The minute we saw her we were completely smitten.

If you aren't familiar with the breed, they grow faaaaaaast! In the three months since bringing her home, shes already tripled in size! Because of this she pretty much sleeps all the time. Danes as a breed aren't super active dogs, especially so as puppies. Their bones don't start to harden until after they turn one, so in order to prevent injuries they shouldn't partake in high intensity play. They also shouldnt get puppy food, only adult and its gotta be low protein and low fat. Needless to say she spends most of her time like this:

When shes not asleep she's either at our feet, or trying to be in our lap! Shes already about 50 lbs and she'll double that weight by the time she turns 1, so that whole lap dog thing isn't really gonna work out in her favor. She loves to ride in the car, and she's my son's constant backseat buddy.

 Since she's also the best project sidekick!

When she's not sleeping, of course!

Having her in our lives has been quite an adventure and we love seeing her grow and learn every day. I'd love to come back after she turns one so share more of our experience with her. Im sure by then she will be doing more than sleeping all day.. But then again, maybe not! Thank you so much for having us Julia. Have a great weekend everyone! Xo-Shavonda

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To read more animal posts you can click HERE.

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Isn't the photo of her son and Callie adorable? Those eyes!!!

And you might have seen Shavonda's previous gorgeous kitchen makeover in Better Homes and Gardens. So good! She is so talented and I'm happy to call her my sweet friend:

She recently downsized to a little cottage and is redoing everything. It's definitely worth following along. I know it will be good. She started making all kinds of awesome changes already.

Head on over to visit her and her new home by clicking HERE.

And I wish you guys a great weekend.


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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Walk-in Closet Makeover

So today I finally have my organized walk-in closet to share with you. Now if you are thinking that I ripped out everything, then I have to disappoint you. I know that the standard wire shelves (these are available at Home Depot) are hated very much in the design community but ripping them out was not within my budget. And since we talk about moving every now and then, a major expensive makeover wouldn't make sense for us. Now I could justify ripping them out if they weren't functional but they are working just fine. And lets face it, nobody really walks into my closet to check out what's in it. 

This is where I have to rephrase now, someone will probably walk into my closet soon and that's the entire reason I got myself into gear to get it organized. I have been holding out on you my friends and I'm very sorry for that. I just wasn't sure if it was going to happen or not, but I can happily state now that DIY magazine will be coming to take pictures of our home and our family right after Halloween. I'm giddy with excitement as you can imagine. This is the reason why I haven't decorated much for Halloween this year, I have been trying to get some unsightly things fixed behind the scenes.

So back to my closet! The goal was to make it prettier and to work with the wire shelving. 

In order to draw your eye up and to distract from the shelving, I decided to wallpaper the ceiling in my small 73"x84" closet and my friends at wallpaperdirect were kind enough to provide me with the paper. I picked wallpaper by Lindholm and you can buy it HERE. As usual I was smitten with the graphic black and white pattern.

Isn't it cool? I can imagine this wallpaper in so many other rooms!

Now I had all intention to have a great wallpapering tutorial but I underestimated trying to wallpaper a ceiling in a tiny dark closet and having to take photos along the way. So sorry about that! But it just so happens that my friend Amber at Wills Casa just wrote a great tutorial. So I'm going to be a lazy blogger and just direct you to her post. If you want to learn how (or just look at her gorgeous home) ;) then all you have to do is click HERE.

Do you want to see a very ugly before picture? I just have to throw some in here to refresh your memory. I know some of you have seen it right after I returned from Germany.

Ahhh yup not so pretty! 

So lets move right to the after again shall we?

Here is the ceiling:

That awesome copper goodness is an Ikea fixture that I spray-painted copper. I just couldn't get THIS copper fixture that I saw in Germany out of my head. 

Doesn't the wallpapered ceiling look fabulous? Wire shelving? I don't really even notice it anymore!

I painted the old brown Ikea boxes pink. I now wish I would have used blush but I had the pink. I didn't want to paint them white because I could have never matched the existing white of the other boxes and I didn't want the old ones to look dirty which would have resulted in me having to paint all of them. Lazy blogger again ;) here.

The boxes hold all my seasonal clothing and bedding sheets. Because their content is changing frequently, I didn't want to put labels on them and actually prefer the clear windows to show me what is in them. Having to print new labels all the time is too much work!

The dresser is one of my Ikea nightstands with the gold ring pulls that I hoarded in bulk and I have to buy another one quickly! 

Here is a trick of mine. Do you see the faux sheepskin on the floor? Well behind it is a mirror leaning against the wall. It serves many purposes. I can see my shoes when I try them on, it makes the closet look bigger and the sheepskin as well. That small mirror makes a big difference.

I have a full length mirror on my closet door so I don't need to hang a large one into my closet.

It looks like I have two stools but it is that mirror trick again ;)

I used the Ikea Tjusig door hanger to display my necklaces and Ikea Godmorgon for other random pieces of jewelry. 

So what do you think? So much better than before and working with what you have can be stylish too.

I'm almost ready for DIY magazine to come to our house. 

Thanks for the visit my friends.



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