Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Rate my space email (part one)

{UPDATE: you can see my daughter's new room by clicking HERE}

I received an email from HGTV today and as I browse through the links of inspiration, as they call it, I end up clicking on "Best of Rate My Space: 25 Colorful Rooms" and what do you know picture 18 is my dear daughter's room. I had uploaded some pictures of her room in November of 2009.

black and white polka dots and stripes with pink striped walls, ikea leaves, DIY striped headboard
Also on "Share with Nate"

This is what HGTV wrote next to the above picture:
"This wall treatment by jak1975 is clearly a labor of love. Painting stripes in several shades of pink and green and mixing them with black and white furniture and bedding is a beautiful combination that is all girl. We especially love the green leaves that extend color out into the room in an unexpected way."

On "Rate My Space" I had named the room: "Fairies sleep under leaves" because that is what my daughter told me. And this particular fairy is sleeping in a queen size bed. You saw correctly! It makes night times a whole lot easier in our house. Mommy or Daddy were not interested in squeezing themselves into a toddler or full size bed in the middle of the night.

It was a little difficult to put both of our tastes together on a budget. Like all of her friends, she loves Disney Princesses. Me... hmmm...not so much! A totally themed room gets my skin crawling. I was thinking more along the lines of picture #11 if you paged through the HGTV link. And I also love these rooms on decorpad:

The Elegant Abode


But unfortunately a toddler’s design ideas don't look like those pictures.
So then she wanted "Hello Kitty"... Ugh, the theme again! I guess I could handle a couple of pictures of the kritter, but that's it. They are easy to change. No themed comforters, pillows, curtains, rugs, chairs, lamps, alarm clocks... pleeeeease!

And of course for her there is only one color choice: PINK. It had to be PINK. A princess, fairy or Hello Kitty needs to live in a pink room. All this narrows it down to a particular design margin that I was trying to stay away from. How about tiffany blue, turquoise or purple I wanted to know? That was all shut down at once and you can't logically argue with a strong willed toddler. My arguments were not being heard.
But after all, I want her to be happy in her big girl room. It's her room and not mine and it's not like I hate changing things around. She's had this room since 2009, it's 2012 now and I'm starting to get the "redo itch". Actually after showing her the decorpad pictures she loved the last room. So I'm hoping that my influence is working and I can redo her room soon.

So I tried to meet her in the middle and at least her toddler toys match the colors:

black and white polka dots and stripes with pink striped walls and Ikea furniture

etsy vinyl wall decal, ikea chandelier and leaves, shadow cuts pillows and DIY striped headboard

black and white polka dots and stripes with pink striped walls

The pink is so bright it still hurts my eyes but the rest of the colors toned it down a little.
All that matters in the end is that she loves her room and wants to show it to everybody that comes to visit.

In my next post I will explain where some of the budget furniture and decor came from.

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  1. Congratulations Julia! I am so happy that others recognize how talented you are. Lilly is so lucky to have such a gorgeous room.

    I love your blog!!!

    Riley too!!!!

  2. Way to go Julia! The blog is beautiful -definitely an extension of your home. I wish I had half of the creativity and style you do.

    Can't wait to see what you'll post next. I think someone might be really interested to see what kind of cool things you come up with for animal lovers. :)

  3. You did a great job. I love it! You should post more pics of your house and post your master bedroom next.

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