Sunday, June 17, 2012

Silhouettes Madness

Or should I have said cuckoo for silhouttetes? 

I'm totaly aware that there are hundreds of websites with DIY silhouette ideas, but I just can't help myself, I feel obligated to publicly admit my love for them. 

I  started making them of my family when my son was about 5 years old, now he is almost 10, so this means I have been making them for a long time.
It's nice seeing the changes in my children's features through black and white as they grow older.

growing kids silhouette

And a shadow cut has always been a much appreciated gift for family and friends. I have never heard anybody say that they don't like them. They are definitely very, very charming!

boy and father silhouette

I've considered many years ago to open an etsy store to sell my computer-made silhouettes but have unfortunately never found the time to set it up. You snooze, you lose! And that's what happened to me. Now they are everywhere with numerous tutorials on how to make your own.

family silhouettes over headboard
In the bedroom I have all four of us hanging over the bed.

target vinyl frames with silhouettes
In the kitchen I used vinyl frame decals from Target for my kids silhouette.

white bird and tree silhouette pilllow
In our bathroom we have birds and tree silhouettes which I bought on etsy.
black and white forest silhouette
The silhouette in my daughter's room was also bought on esty.

While I make mine in Adobe Illustrator, there are many easier ways to do this. To those of you who are unfamiliar with this computer program, let me explain a little. It is a vector (vector drawing) based program in which I'm able to trace the profile photograph with dots and lines that connect to form an object, in this case the finished shadow cut. The reason for me using Illustrator is that I'm able to blow the picture up to any size desired because you aren't constricted with pixels. And I love having them on file to use for a variety of other projects. For example I made a Preschool/Kindergarten book about my son with his shadow cut on the front and I will do the same for my daughter. It gives the books a classy and timeless look and makes them perfect coffee table material.

shutterlfy book with silhouette

Here are a couple of my favorites that I made:

beer pong silhouette
Yup, you've seen this correctly, that would be a beer pong silhouette!

wedding silhouette

I have also made silhouettes for my brother's wedding and was able to blow it up to a very large size as a wedding present for their living room.

In this post I also wanted to share with you my favorite easy approach to cutting a silhouette by hand. It is so easy that anybody can do it.
First start off with a print out or photo of a profile photograph. In this approach you will just lay your print out over a black (or any other color) piece of construction paper and then you will just start cutting out the photo's silhouette. Make sure you hold both pieces firmly in place, so they don't slide around. You could use an x-acto knife too and cut on a cutting board so the pieces of paper stay in place but I like cutting rounded shapes with scissors.

tracing silhouette on fabric with transfer paper and tulip soft fabric paint

Another approach is using transfer paper which you place under your profile print-out. This way you can trace your profile onto construction paper or even fabric and either cut the shape out again or fill it in with paint/fabric paint and a paint brush. 
This is exactly how I made my silhouette pillows throughout the house. They have also made great gifts for friends.

squirrel silhouette pilllow

There is actually a story behind the squirrel, hehe! I have never seen anybody getting as aggravated with these cute furry little critters as my hubby. He just can't stand it when they eat all the bird food. So I made this pillow and put it in our living room as a joke.

deer silhouette pilllow

owl silhouette pilllow

So this is obviously another one of my many obsessions. I'm just cuckoo for all kinds of things.

Thanks for stopping by fellow webbers und guten Tag!


  1. All of your silhouettes are fantastic! I haven't gotten into this yet, but I'm in the midst of creating a gallery wall and these would be perfect. Will have to try!

  2. Hehehe, still chuckling about the pillow, you're wicked, woman!
    P.S. Glad you're safe!


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