Friday, July 20, 2012

Lilly's cuckoo clock is done!

I know I wanted to be done with this cuckoo clock a long time ago but then the beach vacation happened!

It's finally done and hanging in Lilly's room. Is it my taste? No, but it was a collaboration between my dear little 5 year old Lilly and me. Compromise is key here! And if you read my post about her room design then you know that I have a strong-willed, opinionated little girl. She knows what she wants and we have to meet in the middle.
She picked the colors but I painted it and she was really excited and enjoyed creating her clock.

Since her brother and I have a cuckoo clock hanging up (to see click here), she had to have one too and when I found this $20 (made in Germany) cuckoo clock, I knew it would be hers. I wasn't afraid to experiment with a clock where the cuckoo wasn't bouncing up and down anymore. He comes out and makes his sound but no movement. Perfect for this project and Lilly didn't care.

After taking the clock apart and taping, I primed the clock with Kilz water-based primer. For furniture I would use oil-based but since this is just hanging on the wall and nobody is touching it, water-based will do.

painting brown cuckoo clock

Then I spray painted the entire clock white. I even painted over the roman numbers since it would be impossible for my 5 year old to learn how to read a clock without regular numbers.

white cuckoo clock with new numbers
She had to (off course) pick black glitter numbers. It was really hard for me to move on from the beautiful white clock, but she wanted color and lots of it! I used acrylic craft paint for the colored parts, magic markers for the black parts and finished everything off with a coat of clear gloss spray paint.

So here it is! She loves it!
Do you see what's wrong with the following pictures?

painted colorful cuckoo clock

I didn't adjust the time yet and the cuckoo is out without the clock striking the full hour, ahmmm, sorry! I was too eager to take the pictures again.

We have a silver cuckoo, pink fox (or is it a wolf?) purple grapes and lime green leaves.
colorful cuckoo clock for little girl's room

lime green, silver, pink, purple, black and white cuckoo clock

colorful cuckoo clock for a childI'm sticking with my glossy white cuckoo clock! But my son told me that it isn't fair that he had to have a boring brown clock in his room while his sister gets to have this cool (his words) colorful clock.

But, come on, it is kind of cute!

Stop by again soon und guten Tag.



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  1. That looks so great! I agree, the all white one is by far the best, but this is perfect for a little girls room. Sounds like you may be taking apart your sons and redoing his now too ;)

    1. Thanks!
      Oh, my father would kill me if I would paint my son's clock :) I'm not allowed to touch it!

      Thanks for stopping in again!

  2. I have no clue why blogger decided to use my signature as the thumbnail for this post! Very frustrating! And I posted it twice and it happened both times.

  3. Hallo Julia,
    Danke, jetzt mag ich auch eine Kuckucksuhr...erste ebay-Recherche: Der Fuchs im Weinberg, 38 cm Höhe, schlappe 355 Euronen. Liebe Grüße,

    1. Hallo Katrin! Wow 355 Euro?
      Viel Spass mit dem Vogel! ;)

  4. found you from YHL! So glad she featured you!!! Now I feel like I need a Cuckoo Clock. Where have you found yours?

    1. Thanks so much and I found mine on Craigslist. Actually all of them.


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