Friday, November 23, 2012

Animal Illustrations

How was your Thanksgiving?
I'm still full from yesterday and I really have to exercise today! I have been procrastinating and the P90X videos are collecting dust. This happens every winter!

I wanted to share an Etsy store with you today that I ordered presents from last Christmas season. You all know how I love silly things around the house and that I have a huge crush on animal heads and busts (non taxidermy). Well, I'm  an animal lover in general.

Berkley Illustration sells different sized illustrations of animal busts in human clothing. They have so many different animals and I think they are just so cute.

Last year I ordered the squirrel, hedgehog, lady rabbit, skunk and gorilla for my sister-in-law as a present. She is a vegan, animal rights activist and loves these illustrations. They make a great present for an animal lover with a quirky side.

Here are some of my favorites: 
And remember, please pin from the original Berkley Illustration's Etsy website!

Berkley Illustration's hedge hog

Berkley Illustration's lama

Berkley Illustration's owl

Berkley Illustration's lady rabbit

Berkley Illustration's racoon

Some of you might think that they are just strange and I agree, they are but I love them. So cute and silly! I can imagine them in a child's bedroom or nursery, can't you?

I wish you all a great Black Friday and weekend.

Talk to you on Monday.


  1. Thanks Cassie, I could picture them in your daughter's beautiful bedroom!

  2. Love, love love the happy looking chairs. Good job. Love the classic with the modern twist!
    Just looked at your holiday decorations... love it.
    On the other hand... don't you miss German Christmas? Oh no body does Christmas like the Germans. The markets, the music, the smells... The leb kuchen.. miss it all!

    1. Thank you and yes I miss it a lot! I don't even want to think about it or I'll cry! Glühwein, Lebuchen und Christkindlmarkt. Don't know if we'll ever make it over on Christmas with the kids, especially since they cut all that luggage. Not a good thing to travel with only one small suitcase per person after Christmas when you have two spoiled kids ;)


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