Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Christmas Coffee Table Decor

I don't know how many posts I have started like this but here it goes again. I went to Target the other day...yup I did again! I should get paid by now for mentioning Target so many times but I don't.
Well and I couldn't resist to get a bunch of things.

I bought the Nate Berkus gold hammered bowl (you've seen my Nate Berkus gold sea urchin from last time already), a gold glass tea light holder and a silver tray.
I also found a fabulous tall fake milk glass vase at the thrift store.

Thanks to hurricane Sandy (I have to find something positive about it, right?) our family members have a huge amount of pine trees lying around who's branches I can use for decorations.

Here is what I came up with

Nate Berkus for Target gold hammered bowl and sea urchin

I used some of my old disco ball Christmas ornaments and some plain silver Christmas balls.
silver, gold and white Christmas coffee table decoration

silver, gold and white coffee table Christmas decoration from Target

Silver HomeGoods bird

I bought the small silver tea light glasses at Target last year.
silver and gold mercury glass tea light glasses

I also hung some more Christmas balls into the window of our dining room.

Christmas ball window decoration

Today I'll be getting ready to have some friends over in the evening. The best thing about Thanksgiving was and is always the night before. When we were younger and without kids we used to go out and see all the friends that we hadn't seen in a while because everybody was home. We'd be so hungover in the morning that the huge amounts of food were very welcome. Times have changed and we are no longer staying up late or drinking too much. The hubby has to work every Thanksgiving, it's a bummer but good money. One thing hasn't changed though, we still get to see old friends who come home to see their parents for Thanksgiving and they stop by our house the night before.

Do any of you actually head out on Black Friday? I don't! Never have and I think never will!

I wish you all a very happy Thanksgiving und guten Tag.


  1. it looks beautiful! i love all the shiny things! :) i'm like a raccoon.

  2. Such a beautiful setting! Looks like you are ready for Christmas. Happy Thanksgiving! LOL ;)

    1. Right, happy Thanksgiving and thanks ;)


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