Wednesday, November 14, 2012

DIY ombre room-divider

 I'm finally finished with the project that I originally wanted to finish over the weekend.

In October I wrote about my room-divider that I built (click here to see how I built it) and how I have been searching for some fabric for its reversed side. Well, last week I had an epiphany...OMBRE! I really set my mind to an ombre side to the room-divider. Since that isn't really a type of fabric that you can buy anywhere around here, let alone in the greys that I want, I thought about painting fabric again.

I went to Joann's fabric and picked up enough duck cloth to cover the other side of the room divider. I like duck cloth for painting because it is cotton and pretty thick. I grabbed all the grey leftover latex paint that I had from my living room, dining room, bedroom and basement. The paint is all from the same gradient.
Then I went on the hunt for fabric medium. I used fabric medium in combination with acrylic paint to paint my grey horizontal striped curtains (click here to see). I haven't yet used fabric medium in combination with latex paint, since the instructions on the label read acrylic paint.
When I checked at the craft stores, they either had nothing left or just one or two bottles of fabric medium. I think $7.99 is a lot per bottle, don't you think so? And on top of it A.C. Moore really bugged me when they told me I could only use one coupon per person. Really? That's ridiculous! Then I did research online to see if somebody came up with a recipe for fabric medium. I'm sure that there is something you could make at home to add to the paint as fabric medium. I'd really love to find out. I also search on Pinterest and found nothing. Have any of you come across a fabric medium recipe?

At the end I was so frustrated that I just skipped the fabric medium and painted straight onto the duct cloth with latex paint. I figured that I didn't need it soft and washable like the curtains. On my room-divider it would not get washed or moved.

So here is what I did:

I stapled the fabric to the side of each panel.  Then I attached them back together with the hinges so I could stand them up next too each other and started to paint.

stapled corners of the room divider

I started with stripes, the lightest color from the top to the darkest color on the bottom.

painting stripes for ombre
My little helper who ended up with paint on her pants and in her long hair :)

cats helping with room divider project
My furry helpers (aka photo bombers). I sometimes really do have too many helpers.

Main Coon sleeping
Sleepy from helping too much.

Manx sleeping
"I'm too old to help. I just snuggle and watch."

painting ombre stripes before blending
I wanted to mix the second stripe but ended up redoing it and using an almost white at the top. 

Then I used each stripe paint, a spray bottle and brush to blend the stripes together. I wanted it light and subtle, because like I have said before, it is a dark corner by the step.

blended ombre stripes

The blending wasn't easy to do. I went over it several times which took me several hours.

When the panels dried I went to Joann's fabric and bought dark grey ribbon, which I attached to the sides with hot glue to hide the staples. (You could also use a bright colored ribbon)

Here it is. Of course the weather was horrible yesterday (no natural light) and I had a hard time taking bright pictures in the dark corner. But I think the photos didn't turn out too bad, right?

DIY grey ombre room divider

Painting a grey gradient on a room divider

DIY grey ombre room divider, chevron lamp, macy's claudia sofa

DIY grey ombre room divider

DIY grey ombre room divider with grey grey Overstock rug

When I put the room divider back into the corner my hubby asked me if it is staying this way?
Me: "Well, ahhh, yes, it is dear! That's what you call ombre!"
Him: "Ombre?"
Me: "Yes, ombre, when one lighter color fades into another darker color. A gradient!"
Him: "Oh, but it just looks unfinished."

Whatever hubby, I like it. I think it looks nice! Don't you?

And now that I see this picture, I have to say that a wall is bugging me.

DIY grey ombre room divider
Can you spy which one I'm talking about? I can see another painting project coming up.

painting DIY gradient ombre room divider

{UPDATE: do you want to see what the room divider area looks like right now? Click HERE it involves the photo below}

So what do you think about the ombre?
Are you with the hubby or me?

Talk to you on Friday und guten Tag!

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  1. i am with you on the divider- i love it! and i don't think you need to paint the wall it sits on from what i can see, but i see the striped wall.... assuming that is the one you may repaint?!?1

    1. Thanks and yes, that's the wall. The striped one in the hallway.

  2. This also is great! More and more I like your ideas! :-)

  3. Your ombré is beautiful. Silly men! :-)

    1. Yes, they are! Just not on the same page as us women!

  4. WOW! Das Zimmer ist wirklich wunderschön!
    Und der Raum Trenner gefällt mich auch ausgezeichnet!
    Deine Katzen sind auch ganz süss!
    Wieso habe ich noch nichts von deinem Blog gehört?
    Muss hier jetzt alles durchstöbern;)

    You have definitely a new follower!

    Liebe Grüße

  5. Hi Julia. Your ombre room divider turned out great. I'm wondering if anyone has ever come up with a recipe for fabric medium. I'm painting 3 upholstered chairs and want the fabric pliable. Can you imagine the cost of fabric medium for 3 chairs?!

    1. Oh I know. You have no idea how much research I have put into trying to find a recipe for fabric medium but I haven't had any luck yet.
      Sorry :)


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