Monday, November 26, 2012

More Snowflakes

How was your Thanksgiving? I still feel full, haha. Sweatpants galore!

But I did get some things accomplished like you saw in my last post when I showed off our Shutterfly Christmas cards. I also did some Amazon Christmas shopping all from the comfort of our couch.

Another small project that I did were the decorations on our front porch. It was fast and easy.
All I used was two of those large white craft store (foam) snowflakes, command strips and some old ornaments.

large white craft store foam snowflake and silver ornaments

boxwood globes with white snowflake and Christmas ornaments

Silver Christmas ornaments with white craft snowflake and boxwoods

I tied the ornaments to the snowflake and stuck them to the flower pot with the command strips. Easy peasy! I likey likey!

And mini-me and I were able to go on a Christmas tree hunt, cut it down and drag it back all by ourselves while the dudes (aka hubby and Noa) were at wrestling.

LIlly cutting down a Christmas tree

Julia Konya and Lilly cutting down a Christmas tree
We were so looking forward to decorating the tree but guess what? Can you guess right?

Yup, the lights failed me once again. One thing I can rely on every year.
So I have to go back to Target today to get more of my favorite pearl Christmas lights. Unfortunately it was too late last night to get them.

What were you guys up to this past Thanksgiving weekend? Did you eat yourself into a coma? Did you decorate or shop? Or all of the mentioned?

I'm off to Ikea now, so talk to you on Wednesday fellow webbers und guten Tag.

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