Friday, November 2, 2012

Mirrors with a yucky surprise!

Happy Friday blogger friends! I can't believe that my mom's stay is almost over. I will spend this weekend with her knowing that I won't see her again until next summer. I hate to even think about it.
It certainly has been a different vacation for her. Our usual shopping trips were crossed by Sandy and some of our favorite stores like HomeGoods are still closed and without power. Oh well, I guess this saves us money, right? The kids were off from school all week and the hubby had picked the worst week for vacation. It's almost funny if you think about it.

I wanted to wait with a post about my two mirrors and their final destination but then I started with the project and just couldn't wait to share what I discovered.
Here are the two mirrors that I bought two weeks ago and what they looked like before.

DIY painted mirror project

So I decided to clean and prime them and when I opened the back to take the mirrors out, I had a horrible surprise waiting for me. I screamed soooo loud. Gag!

There were maggots feeding on dead stink bugs. 

For real, I'm not kidding. I don't even know how they got there...sandwiched between the backing and mirror. I still get goose bumps thinking about it. YUCK! YUCK! YUCK!

maggots feeding on dead stink bugs

After disposing of the disgusting mess I cleaned the frame with TSP cleaner, waited until they dried and then primed them with Kilz spray paint primer.

The mirror already looks so much better, doesn't it?
mirror frame primed with Kilz primer

I couldn't resist spray painting the one mirror with one of my favorite spray paint colors. It's the same color that I sprayed these lamps with. The color is Hacienda Tile by Valspar but I like to call it tangerine. That's what it looks like to me. It's not red and not orange.

The second mirror is still white and I'm not sure if I'll keep it white or if I'll use color. I want to use one of them in my powder room.

Besides the yucky surprise I do love these 2 mirrors. Isn't the color great?

Have a great weekend und guten Tag!



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  1. LOOOOOOVE the new color- awesome!!!! and stinkbugs no longer phase me, just annoy.... but those maggots would have sent me screaming for sure!

  2. LOL, they are annoying. A good thing is that I don't smell them! I wish my cats would eat them like they eat spiders and other bugs in our house but they won't touch the stink bugs.

  3. Oh NO! lol not a nice surprise! Love the mirror though, great color choice! Love it with your wall color too! : ) You have such great taste.

    Sammy ~ Renew Redo

    1. Nope not a nice surprise, haha and thanks.

  4. I was looking at the lovely frames you found and expecting the next picture to be the FINISH...whoa, that is darn ugly! Creepy...was it Halloween?

    Love those frames and the red is outstanding!

    1. Thank you...LOL, no it wasn't on Halloween.

  5. oh wow! that color is really pretty! you are so brave to handle those maggots woman!

    i bet it is all worth it :)


  6. Wow, two beautiful mirrors. And I love the color.... I would call it Chinese Red, but who cares cause it is a gorgeous color given any name.

    And oh my heavens above.. hope you did not bring the mirrors inside before you discovered their prizes. My childhood friend mentioned hearing about bedbugs here in the states. They say you can bring those in, even with NEW clothes.... scream, so be careful with your great finds in thrift shops and such.

    Please give your kitty kats a hug and kiss from me.

    1. Yes, I did bring them inside before discovering the mess, but you have a good point.
      And thanks ;) I will hug kitties.

  7. i love two beautiful mirrors. And I love the color.... Red is fabulous .i love your blog . You have a new follower from Chile

  8. How distgusting! I'm getting goosebumps just thinking about it. So glad you were able to continue on and finish the mirror. It turned out great, I love that color!

  9. Brrr ... You are brave! But it was worth it. Really beautiful mirrors!


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