Friday, November 16, 2012

Quirky Target Presents

My friend mentioned to me yesterday that she hasn't been able to comment on my blog for a while now. She said she tried on her iPhone, iPad and laptop and the comments just disappear after hitting return. I know that I had the same problem with my old MacBook Pro but it stopped with my new one. Have any of you had the same problem? If so, shoot me an email here or message on Facebook. Does someone know why this happens? I for sure don't and didn't know what to tell her.

Anyway, I went to Target again yesterday and saw that they have several limited edition things hidden on a small shelve in the dishes/kitchen section.

I have been eyeing up similar or the same things on different websites. I think they would make great gifts. At least I'd like to get some or one of them. And now you can get them in a Target store! I don't know about you but I like being able to walk into a store touch the object I want to buy and be able to take it home after buying it. And if I decide to return it I can just bring it back. So if I can buy something locally instead of buying it online, I will.

One of my favorite things that was sitting on that shelve was the Gnome Lamp (they also have it at Land of Nod as a night light for kids and used to have it at Urban Outfitters too). LOVE IT and you all know how much I like silly things here and there around the house! I can't find it on the Target website tough but I saw it on the Target shelve.

white Gnome lamp
Gnome Lamp isn't he cute? I can picture him sitting next to my daughter's bed.

Then they had silly but useful container:

white junk in the trunk storage container
Junk in the Trunk Desk Container by Gama-Go
Love the name too, not just the trendy wood stump ;)

Something for the kitchen:

Matryoshkas Store-M Storage Containers
Matryoshkas Store-M Storage Containers

And I absolutely love these measuring cups:

Matryoshkas M-Cups measuring cups
Matryoshkas M-Cups by Fred's in red or white

Nesting doll measuring cups

My babysitter growing up in Germany had Russian nesting dolls and I used to play with them all the time. So of course I'm drawn to them and I actually bought them as a fun gift for a friend's birthday yesterday too. She might not think they are as special as I do, but they mean something to me.

They had some other fun things on the same shelve that I can't remember anymore, haha. Just remembered my favorite things. Just watch, I'll be going back to get some more of these things and they'll be all gone. That always happens to me.

I have been working on some more Christmas decorations.
So talk to you on Monday! I know it's a busy week coming up for everybody. Have a great weekend (und bis bald).


  1. Love the nesting cups! Will have to check my Target :) (Glory trying to see if I leave a comment does it stay)

    1. LOL, thanks Glory! I guess your phone works ;)

  2. Testing testing 1 2 3


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