Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Too much going on!

There is always so much that needs to get done before Christmas and I haven't really gotten around to getting bigger projects done.

One thing that I can cross off my list is Santa pictures. It cracks me up seeing my 10 year old "believer" on Santa's lap:

Our tree is finally up and decorated and I will share pictures with you on Friday.

I'm currently working on my Shutterfly calendars that I give to our family members every year. It is actually a lot of work. And then I always also make a huge photo book on Shutterfly for every year which is even more work.

My mojo has left me a little when it comes to projects. I didn't want to share this at first but am going to now anyway. My husband is thinking about taking a different job with his company. This would mean that we'd have to move to Lancaster PA. I have mixed feelings about this. Of course I want him to work on his career and move on. This is part of the reason why I'm a stay-at-home mom, so we are more flexible and don't have to depend on two jobs. But I wanted to move to a place where I can see us growing old. I always pictured Europe and if that didn't happen (which it isn't) maybe something like South Carolina, Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona... But more of Pennsylvania was not on that list.

I don't want to leave my cat enclosure for somebody else :( I put so much work into this project.

So for now, I don't see a reason to knock down my kitchen wall, paint rooms or redo floors... Because I don't know what is going to happen.
On the other hand if we do move I will have so many projects to share with you because I don't see us being able to afford that picture perfect home.

Do any of you live in the Lancaster area? If so, how is it?

Talk to you on Friday und guten Tag!


  1. Your list included S.C.! I live in SC and it is a great place to live {Charleston area}. I am a new reader of your blog. Your cat enclosure is awesome!! I have been working for a vet. for 16 years, so I can appreciate your love for cats (I am the same). I just wish my husband loved our cats. He calls them "nasty cats!" Ha! Have a great day!

    1. Hi Melissa,
      nice to meet you and thanks for reading my blog.
      Yes S.C. would be nice, but it's not going to happen :(
      Your poor kitties! Fortunately my husband picked 2 of the cats. But he still not as into them as I am.

  2. I'm a born raised and I still live here in lancaster pa! Lots of cool things and places to live. I love my county - are there things that could be better? Sure but no matter where you live there will be something to nitpick on.
    Awesome free county parks, mountains (some may say hills!), river, unique shopping in Lancaster city, lititz, intercourse just to name a few. Plus close enough to many major east coast cities to do day trips.

    1. We live in the Allentown PA area and if we'd move to Lancaster there are two things I'd miss which is skiing and being close to NYC. While Lancaster is still close to Philly and the beach like Allentown, those 2 things would be gone. I love to ski and I'm at Blue Mountain in 15 minutes here.
      In our area we are at the beach in a little over 1 hour, in NYC in an 1.5 hours, in Philly in 1 hour and at skiing in 15 minutes. :( Bummer!

  3. julia, how stinking adorable are your children- they are beautiful! and i LOVE that your ten year old is glowing in that photo!

    1. Thanks Cassie, he is still a firm Santa believer. I'm amazed! But yet my husband believed in Santa until he was a teenager, LOL! Always cracks me up!

  4. I so hope, whether you move or not, that things will be wonderful for you. Your children are beautiful and a great picture for your memories.

    Okay, I hate to see you move, cause you will lose your fabulous kitty kat enclosure/run. I so want one like it and inspired by you for my back yard. It is on my very long wish list (grin). Which speaking of the kitty kat enclosure, what width hardware cloth did you use? I need to go reread it again. I do try to pay attention, but I am always thinking of how to afford it. I have 5 kitty kats and 3 pups and I am alone, so you can imagine the work and how much I really need a place for them to be outside and still safe.

    Sheryll & Critters.

    1. Thanks Sheryll, I know it would brake my heart to have to keep them inside again. You can't do something like this in every development. There are restrictions :(
      I hope you are able to build one yourself for you critters. I used materials for decking to build the enclosure. So it depends on what sizes you need.

  5. Life always takes unexpected turns, doesn't it? PA sounds cool though - I'm sure wherever you end up you will make it a happy home :)
    Isn’t That Charming.

  6. If you can find beauty in an ugly lamp that I did gasp at, and make it praise worthy, I'm certain you can find the beauty in PA.

    But if you ever land in Colorado, I have to say I am in love with it. I moved to Northern Colorado to be with my husband and it's awesome compared to Texas (where I grew up). Don't get me wrong the south is fun, but it's humid and full of big...and I mean really big...bugs. I love the mountains and the people, and it's just so cute everywhere you go. I mean Loveland? How cute does that sound?! Adorable. It is.

    p.s. I feel like a stalker, but blogs are awesome aren't they? Where else can you read about someone's life and it not be super weird. Only on the internet.

    1. Hi Heather, you don't have to feel like a stalker. I love the comments! It's greatly appreciated and they make me feel like I'm not talking to myself, like somebody actually cares ;)
      Yes, Colorado would be a dream. I have a friend from my hometown in Germany who moved there. She loves it. And I do hate humid weather too just like you. It gets really humid here in PA too in the summer.


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