Friday, July 27, 2012

More Cool German Shopping Websites!

Since my last post I have been browsing and found all kinds of interesting things. I'm getting in the mood for some shopping in Germany!

How about this frame-tape! How cool is that? I want it! I can think of all kinds of different ways to use this.

frame tape
I just found it here in the U.S. as well at

Can you guess what's on the next picture? Haha, made me laugh! Any idea? It's made of porcelain...

Seletti Toilet Brushes

Who is guessing? See the answer at the end of this post!

Looking at the furniture websites now, I have an inkling that my love for all things white might have started in Germany. There is so much white stuff.

"Impressionen" is a great website for furniture, clothes, shoes, appliances, accessories and jewelry. It's always a bummer that I can't buy larger items and bring them with me. But then I would have to rent a container! I was so angry when the airlines reduced the amount of luggage that we are allowed to take. I used to pack 2 large suitcases per person and now it is only one. Huge difference!

Look at these catalog snapshots! Aren't they great? It makes me want everything!

Impressionen catalog snapshot

Impressionen catalog snapshot

Impressionen catalog snapshot
love the jacket and Germans love the American flag design 

And I can just see another DIY project idea with this lamp shade chandelier and book safe! What a great idea and so easy to do.

lamp shade chandelier
lampshade chandelier

book safe made out of three books
book safe

And then there is "Maison du Monde"! Oh boy!

I love the idea of putting a metal winter garden structure into a loft to house your office or any other room. On the pricey side but awesome regardless!

loft with winter garden structure as office
garden structure in loft

maison du monde living room
sofa, chair and coffe table love

maison du monde dresser

And there are so many more great websites. Lets see what I come up with when I'm finally in Germany. The clock is ticking! 
I'm counting the days.
I haven't seen my mother in one year! Unbelievable! She usually comes to visit me once a year as well but her health hasn't been the best. She had an aneurysm which was coiled. Hopefully she will be up for a visit again this fall.
My next post will be from Germany if we arrive safely. I'm always a little afraid of flying!

So talk to you soon fellow webbers und guten Tag!
(oh and the answer is: toilet brushes by Seletti and made in Italy, haha, the hubby thought they were lamps ;)

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Feature Surprise!

I was really excited when I opened my blogger account this morning and noticed a huge spike in my viewings. When I clicked on the Referring URLs tab, I noticed that I had people coming to visit me from "KNOCK OFF Decor" and"Centsational Girl" (Yippie!). Did I read that right? Two really, really great blogs in one day! The crickets have been chirping over's been going quite slow and then I get this awesome surprise without a warning! If you've been around the blogs then you know that Kate from "Centsational Girl" is like the Queen of blogging. She is my blogging idol!
And so is Beckie from "KNOCK OFF Decor".

KNOCK OFF Decor featured my painted Ikea curtains:
painted grey horizontal striped curtains
painted curtains

And my secretary desk makeover made it into Centsational Girls ‘Best of the Blogosphere’

stained secretary desk makeover
stained secretary desk

I would like to welcome all the peeps who are coming over from Centsational Girl and KNOCK OFF Decor to my tiny blog.

I hope everybody had a great weekend!

See you soon und Guten Tag!

Friday, July 20, 2012

Lilly's cuckoo clock is done!

I know I wanted to be done with this cuckoo clock a long time ago but then the beach vacation happened!

It's finally done and hanging in Lilly's room. Is it my taste? No, but it was a collaboration between my dear little 5 year old Lilly and me. Compromise is key here! And if you read my post about her room design then you know that I have a strong-willed, opinionated little girl. She knows what she wants and we have to meet in the middle.
She picked the colors but I painted it and she was really excited and enjoyed creating her clock.

Since her brother and I have a cuckoo clock hanging up (to see click here), she had to have one too and when I found this $20 (made in Germany) cuckoo clock, I knew it would be hers. I wasn't afraid to experiment with a clock where the cuckoo wasn't bouncing up and down anymore. He comes out and makes his sound but no movement. Perfect for this project and Lilly didn't care.

After taking the clock apart and taping, I primed the clock with Kilz water-based primer. For furniture I would use oil-based but since this is just hanging on the wall and nobody is touching it, water-based will do.

painting brown cuckoo clock

Then I spray painted the entire clock white. I even painted over the roman numbers since it would be impossible for my 5 year old to learn how to read a clock without regular numbers.

white cuckoo clock with new numbers
She had to (off course) pick black glitter numbers. It was really hard for me to move on from the beautiful white clock, but she wanted color and lots of it! I used acrylic craft paint for the colored parts, magic markers for the black parts and finished everything off with a coat of clear gloss spray paint.

So here it is! She loves it!
Do you see what's wrong with the following pictures?

painted colorful cuckoo clock

I didn't adjust the time yet and the cuckoo is out without the clock striking the full hour, ahmmm, sorry! I was too eager to take the pictures again.

We have a silver cuckoo, pink fox (or is it a wolf?) purple grapes and lime green leaves.
colorful cuckoo clock for little girl's room

lime green, silver, pink, purple, black and white cuckoo clock

colorful cuckoo clock for a childI'm sticking with my glossy white cuckoo clock! But my son told me that it isn't fair that he had to have a boring brown clock in his room while his sister gets to have this cool (his words) colorful clock.

But, come on, it is kind of cute!

Stop by again soon und guten Tag.



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Sunday, July 15, 2012

2013 Ikea Catalog Preview

After my last post where I started to share some of my favorite German websites with you, I continued to browse the German websites and came across a German blog that showed previews of the 2013 Ikea catalog. There are some things that I got pretty excited about! I'm sure you noticed that I'm not afraid to admit to be an Ikea fan.

Lets hope these items will be for sale in the US as well, which they usually are. And according to those blogs the catalog will be available in August/September.

I can see lots of fun colors and graphic patterns with an african influence.

I couldn't find this image larger anywhere but by looking at it I'm assuming this could be a rug or fabric???? But regardless, I will have to buy it. The graphic black and white pattern is awesome. Don't you think?

black and white graphic patterned Ikea rug

And in the last picture is a little glimpse of this fabulous graphic pillow and how about this Rotvik lamp and light fixture?

Ikea 2013 catalog preview

2013 Ikea catalog preview

Ikea Rotvik Lighting
I could picture them spray painted in fun colors!

Isn't this exciting?

Look at this grey wing chair and ottoman. I sure would like to find room for it:
Strandmon Wing Chair
Strandmon Wing Chair

And last but not least the limited edition mirrored version of the Malm dresser. Two of them would look great as night stands in my bedroom.

mirror front Malm dresser

I can't wait to make a trip to Ikea when these items are available and to see what other fun surprises they have.

Stop by again soon for some more German websites that I want to share with you.

And come on over to my Facebook page and click the "like" button. I would love your company!

Guten Tag fellow webbers.

Friday, July 13, 2012

I can't wait to go home!

All right, I'm officially getting excited and antsy about finally going home again soon. So, I'm checking out my favorite German shopping websites. Maybe there are one or two things that are small enough to be able to fit into my suitcase. I thought I'd share some of them with you.
Of course if you are German, you'll know them already. Or if you have been following me on pinterest you noticed some German pins here and there.

A lot of my friends and strangers approach me about my clothes and furniture to find out where I got them, so I thought this might be interesting to you.

I first tried to make one post but then I noticed that it would get way too long so I'll make two or three posts out of it. I hope you don't mind. I just like way too many things.

"DaWanda" (German version of Etsy)
Aren't this tile stickers by Boubouki great? Instead of removing boring plain tile you can just put stickers on them! They have a huge selection!
These are some of my favorites:

Boubouki tile stickers

Boubouki tile stickers

pink, red and yellow Boubouki tile stickers

I found something similar on Amazon which is really cool but not quite the same:

And these paper foldable decor objects by "golemobjekte" are just so cool. I love them and I think I have to buy one or two. So easy to take home in the suitcase:

white paper deer head
It's so intricate. Can you believe this is folded paper?

Oak of the Fairires
This foldable "Oak of the Fairires" is beyond amazing. 
And what else screams German than plaid. It is so "in" to wear traditional German clothing again and this antler combination by Ida von Katthult (La Vie en Rose) just screams German:

plaid German antlers

And of course the cuckoo clocks. As you know me, I can't forget about them!
Oh yeah, I'm in love with this one!

handmade white cuckoo clock
 Franziska Bernhardt-Wolf (Petit Oiseau Productdesign)
Intricately cut tea light holders. I have one already of my favorite town Würzburg and the shadows are beautiful with the paper around it.
laser cut tea light holders by "13 gramm"

Ceramic handmade country animals! Yes, I'm crazy but I think they are cute, haha! Come on, they are handmade!
ceramic farm animal trophy heads by "Steinbach Keramik"

Light strands out of recycled materials

Light strands out of recycled materials by "Paula Zobel"

I could browse on DaWanda forever.

I have a couple more websites to share with you, so stop back again soon.

Tschüß fellow webbers.