Wednesday, August 29, 2012

I'm back!

Yes I am back on US soil and I feel burned out. Every year when I come back I feel exhausted and in a funk. And it takes me about a week or two to snap out of it.
Amongst some really cool things that I brought in my suitcase (which I want to share with you in this post) I also acquired a nice set of muffin tops :(
Lets say I didn't only stretch my suitcases to the max thanks to all the great restaurants, bakeries and happy hours. Well, back to reality lady... steamed chicken, veggies and tea for me for a while.

I haven't shared many photos with you towards the end of my trip because unfortunately my photo lens of my awesome Nikon broke midterm of our trip and I only had our tiny Nikon which doesn't take pictures that are blog worthy.

With this post I'm trying out our new lens to show you some of the items that I brought home with me.

There is definitely a theme here this year and I hate themes (I really do) but I couldn't help myself. I love deer and antlers right now. I even bought rubber rain boots and a shirt with deer on it. I won't wear it together tough. Overkill!

Speaking of antlers: I brought the mossy antler from my childhood playhouse. My dad thought I was nuts when I asked him to take it down because I wanted it. It was mounted by the front door after my father had found it about 30 years ago on a walk through the woods when I was a child.
I might use the antler for Christmas or as a fall table decoration. Can't wait!

deer antler as decoration

This deer pillow caught my eye on one of my shopping trips to Würzburg. I know it's strange! Had to have it though! There's also one with the back of the deer's head but it was out-of-stock.
deer pillow

All this might make you think that I like hunting but I don't...nope, I despise hunting! I don't get the point of seeing a beautiful creature and wanting to shoot it. Don't get me started! I have to change the subject.

I bought the paper dear head that I mentioned in this post and the Piero Fornasetti stickers as well. Oh, I can't wait to use them. (You can see here what I ended up using them for)

Piero Fornasetti stickers
I also brought home my late grandmother's antique silverware. Before She got married in the 1920s, her last name was Kaufmann and the K now matches my last name. The silver box is a solid sterling silver box from Turkey that was hers as well. So beautiful!

antique silverware from Germany and Turkey

My childhood babysitter gave me a vintage Rosenthal porcelain box. Isn't it beautiful?
vintage Rosenthal box

And last but not least, I went to a flea market in my home town and bought some antique locks and keys. My favorites were this huge old key and the baroque, handmade lock with key.
antique baroque lock with key

I love all my little treasures, which one is your favorite?
And what did you bring home from your vacation this summer?

Talk to you soon und guten Tag!

Sunday, August 26, 2012

In the fisher district (part 2)

In my last post I showed you the outside of my brother and sister-in-law's rental home.
I noticed that I forgot to show the front of the house...oops! But here it is:

Muschelgasse Lohr am Main
Their basement door is so charming, isn't it?
 Today I want to show you some photos of the inside.

The people they rent the house from lovingly restored and renovated the house. The house has many small rooms and I think they solved some of the space issues very well. There is no open concept in this old house and three levels with narrow stairs.

Bottom Level:
Lesezimmer (reading room) in Muschelgasse
Their reading room right next to the dining room. With the beautiful red and functioning shutters

The Bottom Level Dining Room:
Esszimmer (dining room) in Muschelgasse
Their wedding silhouette which was a present from me (you can see my shadow cuts here).

Esszimmer (dining room) in Muschelgasse
Their coffee station with a photo from their trip to Paris.

Esszimmer (dining room) in Muschelgasse
Their custom made dining room table with a free standing pendant lamp as the dining room chandelier since they don't have electrical wiring for overhead lighting. Love this idea!
They also have a small beautiful and modern kitchen in the bottom level but the lighting has been too dark to take pictures. None of them turned out nice! Bummer

On the second level they have a huge walk-in closet, bathroom and 2 bedrooms.

One of my favorite rooms of the house is the third level which features beautiful old beams and a narrow old barn staircase. From the windows you can overlook the old roofs of my home town. So cute! And it's the only area of the house with an open concept. Takes a while to get all the way up there but it's worth it.

Wohnzimmer (living room) in Muschelgasse

Here are some of the beautiful views from their top floor windows. Sigh! What was I thinking moving so far away?

Muschelgasse views
The "Bayersturm" and the church gardens on the right.

Wohnzimmer (living room) in Muschelgasse

Isn't it a cute little house?

I love it! My kids always feel like they are in a fairytale when they roam around the neighborhood of the old fishing district and the rest of the town. Oh by the way my hometown's first settlers arrived no later than the 8th century and in 1333 Lohr was granted town rights. It's impressive how old this place is, isn't it. (If you want to read more about Lohr, you can do it by clicking here.)

This is the history that I miss so much in the U.S. of A. but I sure love the friendly Americans and miss them when I visit the (somewhat) grumpy Germans.

I hope you enjoyed this post. Next week I will be blogging from the U.S. again. So come back and visit me.

Talk to you soon und guten Tag.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

In the fisher district

I promised in an earlier post before I left for Germany that I would show pictures of my brother and sister-in-law's house. They live in the old fishing district right under the old (almost 600 year old) city walls of my home town. It is romantic and historic.

Muschelgasse in Lohr am Main

They have a tiny little backyard through which the old sewage canal runs. Stinky peugh! Can you imagine how this used to smell? Not really! But now it looks beautiful and only carries a small stream of water.

Muschelgasse in Lohr am Main
The entrance to their backyard and front door. The bridge is leading to their small round patio over the old sewage canal. The building that you can see above the city walls is the beautiful St. Michaels church that we got married in and our children got baptised in.

Lohrer Stadtmauer mit Garten The garden under the city walls.

covered patio Muschelgasse
Can you imagine that this cozy sitting area was meant to house garbage cans? What a waste! These chairs are a much nicer solution!

sewage river and patio in Germany with Bavarian princess
 And here is my little Bavarian princess running barefoot through the streets.

outhouse over old sewage canal
This is one of the old outhouses built over the canal in their backyard. Funny, right?

In my next post I'll show some photos of the inside of their cute little home (click HERE)!
What do you think?

Stop by again soon und guten Tag!

Sunday, August 19, 2012

One Lovely Blog Award

I was recently nominated for One Lovely Blog Award by Ugly Duckling Transformations . Kathryn has some really great transformations on her lovely blog. Check her out!

This is a great way to find new blogs or nominate your favorites. 

The rules:
Thank the blog that nominated you (thanks again Kathryn)
Tell 7 things about yourself!
Nominate 15 other blogs!

Here are 7 things about me:
  1. My daddy calls me "Lulli" because that is how I pronounced my name as a toddler.
  2. I met my hubby at a bar as a foreign intern.
  3. I never wanted children but now I have two that I love more than life.
  4. I love "Happy Hour"! ;) 
  5. I'm torn between the love for two countries.
  6. When I'm at home cooking dinner, I love to listen to "Big Band" and "Swing" Music from the 1920s/30s. (My parents passed that on to me.)
  7. I love mushrooms! Especially cantarella and penny bun! Yum, yum!
Here are my nominated blogs!

1. aqua seventy6
No biggy if you don't feel like participating in this. I thought it was fun!

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Enjoying Our Trip

I'm having sensory overload these days. Sightseeing, shopping and people.
I barely get a minute to myself to write a little bit. I've been doing so many things!

The hubby and son are in Paris right now for a little guys trip (which they do every year) and I can't wait to hear their stories and see their pictures when they return.

My dad also took a small day trip to Miltenberg with the kids and my husband while I went clothes shopping in Würzburg with my sister-in-law.

I love the photos they took:

Daytrip to Miltenberg

MIltenberg Inner-City

MIltenberg Collage

Opa with Lilly and Noa

The past weekend my dear little 5 year old daughter finally got baptised in the church that we got married and our son got baptised. We waited this long because I really wanted it to be the same church but the previous priest gave us such a hard time that I didn't feel like going through the same hassles and obstacles again. A change in priest was very helpful ;)

It was great to see her feeling so special and proud of herself.

Lilly's baptism in Lohr

baptism in St. Michael in Lohr
I also took a trip to the furniture store that I used to work in but I was very disappointed to see that they are undergoing a huge transformation with additions and renovations. It was chaos! There was no possibility for pretty pictures.

So lets see what other adventures we will experience.

Guten Tag fellow webbers and stop by again soon.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Cuckoo 4 Würzburg!

This is my first post from Germany and it has nothing to do with design and furniture but I felt like sharing some photos with you guys anyway!

It is such a strange feeling being back home again and it is always an emotional roller coaster. The first glimpse that I get of my hometown when we drive through the forested hills after my father picks us up from the airport is always the best and in my dreams I think about that first view many times. At the end of our stay it is the last view and I always have to fight tears just thinking about it.

We have been here now for 3 days and I don't want time to fly by again but it does.

Yesterday we enjoyed some shopping time and dinner in my most favorite town of all...Würzburg!

Würzburg alte Mainbrücke

Look at my deliriously HAPPY face. Haha, this potrait painting combo of the hubby and wife (I'm not holding her) was only 1100 Euros.

Julia Konya shopping in Würzburg

We had a happy hour on the bridge and then some dinner at the "Alte Kranen" (old crane) with the kids. What a perfect day!

Würzburg Essen
(this restaurant is not the old crane but on the right you can see it)

On Saturday our 5 year old is finally getting baptised at the same church that we got married and our son was baptised, here in Lohr at St. Michael. It took us a while!

So stop back in for some more photos and talk to you soon.