Friday, February 7, 2014

Living Pretty With Your Pets: Retro Ranch Reno

Good Friday Friends, pet series Friday that is. I love getting emails from you non-bloggers that don't comment but let me know per sweet email notes how much you enjoy this series. And I love having a series that truly comes from my heart and I really enjoy reading the stories myself.

Before I start I want to tell you that I have some ideas brewing in my head for our home and some other updates to share with you next week. I can't wait.

Today I have gorgeous Gabbi from Retro Ranch Reno and her adorable little man Perny (officially the first male pet in this series ;). I love seeing photos of him. You have to check out their gorgeous home and the entire story how they have renovated their ranch home is amazing (click HERE).

Please meet Gabbi and Perny:

 Hey everyone!  I’m Gabbi from Retro Ranch Reno, and I’m so honored to be a part of this amazing new series that Julia started!  It shows that she’s got not only the most amazing style, but also the biggest heart! :)

Now on to the real reason I’m here…this ball of fluff named Perny!!

His full name is Copernicus {named by my hubby}, but I’m pretty sure he's only been called that by the vet. Around our house he’s referred to as Perny, Pern or Poop.  I bought him when he was 6 months old, and to this day, I really wish I had gotten the chance to see him when he was a teeny, tiny kitten.  He’s been known to melt many hearts, even those who tell me they aren't really “cat people.”  Just try and resist this face!!

When I brought Perny into our lives, I could tell my hubby {then boyfriend}, was a little skeptical about this cat business.  His family always had a dog while he was growing up, but it didn't take long for Perny to warm his heart!

Perny is a doll-face Persian, and even though he’s so fluffy, his shedding isn't horrible.  Occasionally we’ll find tufts of hair rolling down the hall like tumbleweeds, but besides that, he’s fairly easy to maintain.  Oh yea, maybe the low maintenance is because I give him a haircut every month or month and a half.  He’s the cutest when he’s got a fresh cut because it shows off his tiny frame, which is only 8-10 lbs.

His dad was a toy-size cat, so he’s on the smaller side, although you can’t tell when his hair is grown out!!

I’m 99.9% sure that Perny is a dog trapped in a cat’s body. He is always ready to greet us when we arrive home, and will not leave us alone until we properly say hello and give him some much-needed attention.  He loves to follow under foot and is a major snuggler.

You can usually find him curled up in hubby’s lap, sleeping next to us on the couch, or passed out, belly up, on top of me every.single.night. 

Perny, just like his mom, is a lover of all-things-home.  No matter what project I'm working on, or item I introduce to the house, he's got to be involved.

He loves to play quality control inspector.  He made sure our super-sale media stand was sturdy, our discount mirror was in tip-top shape, and our ottomans could take any abuse we might throw at them.

He loves to watch over me as I take on new things for the first time.  He was determined to make sure my first set of curtainsmy first tile job and my first bench reupholster were all major successes!

He's also an expert on furniture makeovers.  Perny always gives each piece a serious once-over to ensure I didn't miss any spots!

Perny is the greatest little buddy, who pretty much runs our household.  And I'm not going to lie, we are totally fine with that because he fills our lives with so much laughter, love and joy, day in and day out.

I hope you guys enjoyed getting to know the furriest member of our family, and if you want to keep up with his daily antics, follow me on Instagram @ retroranchreno.  Thanks so much for having us, Julia!  We are so happy you and your furry friends are a part of our lives! :)

I enjoyed it for sure. Isn't he so cute? I love his little fluffy face and my daughter has been obsessed with following his photos on Instagram.

Talk to you guys on Monday and have a great weekend. Lets see ho much more snow we will get!!



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  1. I love Perny, he's the cutest! Love Gabbi and her home too! :)

  2. I LOVE this series! and seriously that cat is gorgeous!

  3. He is SO cute and I adore Gabbi and her style! This series did it again! Love.

  4. Beyond cute! I love the photo where his little legs are crossed. :) We have a belly-rub loving cat too!

  5. I think Perny has turned me into a cat person and I haven't even met him! He's such a cutie.

  6. Hey, I know that cat from Instagram. So fluffy and wonderful :)

  7. Such a ball of fluffy cuteness! (I follow Perny's adventure through instagram, too.)

  8. hes a big fluffball of sass. and i love it.

  9. Oh, he's so adorable! I want another kitty now, a big fluffy one! Abby needs a cuddle buddy, right? ;) So cute, thank you for sharing Gabbi!

  10. I'm in love. Perny is one of the cutest cats I've ever seen!

    Angela @ Number Fifty-Three

  11. Perny is the best as well as his owner!! I love this series!

  12. Perny was the reason we got our cat, and I was truly never a cat person before! He totally reminds me of my Gus, everything but the cuddling part. I might have to borrow Perny for that ;)

  13. I am so 'in love' with Perny...... sigh.

  14. Aww, who could resist that squished little face!! : ) Ours is always checking out my projects. too!

  15. I have to admit I'm not a cat person but I loooovvveee Perny everytime I see a photo of him on Instagram I have this urge to want to hug him, I love how fluffy his legs are and not that I know he's actually a dog trapped in a cats body I'm sold on loving him even more! (:


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