Monday, February 3, 2014

Valentines Birthday Card with Tiny Prints

Monday fun day? Not really ;) but I have something special to share with you today. Well special to me!

Most of you know that I only get to see my family once or twice a year, right? I miss out on all their birthdays and celebrations too. My mom and me share a birthday close to Valentines day within two days from each other. I hate to miss it every year.

And we barely get family photos together. At least we try on the rare occasions that I get to see them. If you remember, my brother and his wife came to visit last summer and we got to take some pictures on the beach (click HERE).

When Tiny Prints approached me to see if I wanted to create a Valentines Day card, I jumped on the opportunity to create something special for my mom right away.

Tiny Prints has such a large selection of photo cards, invitations, announcements and photo gifts that it was hard to make up my mind.
I love what I finally decided on and I know my mom will too. Don't worry, she doesn't know how to use a computer. Unless my dad doesn't show her my posts, she won't see it. So here is an official plea to my dad to not show her the card. It's coming in the mail soon!

My card has rounded corners, front and back photo and a really pretty pink striped liner.
She will love it and I do too.

Here are some of my other favorites:

{This is not a sponsored post.
I did receive this card from Tiny Prints and I only share things that I truly love on my blog}

Thank you so much Tiny Prints for the gorgeous Valentines Day Birthday card.



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  1. Love their cards! I'm sure your mom will be so happy to get that in the mail. Beautiful family pictures too!

  2. What a great idea! Love the idea of sending Vday cards to love ones.

  3. Love these shots Julia! I love tiny prints:) and I love that they feature designs from people!! So pretty!

  4. You all are a good looking bunch!

    And I wish my mom didn't know how to use a computer. It'd make my life easier. I'm a good daughter. :P

  5. Beautiful card Julia! Your fam will treasure it for sure :) xo Kristin

  6. wow- these are SO gorgeous! what a sweet sentiment! and what a gorgeous family, i might add.

  7. Totally adorable....she will just love it. What a gorgeous family!

  8. What beautiful pics of your family! I'm sure your mom will LOVE this - so sweet!

  9. What a gorgeous card! Love the striped liner! I bet your mom will be thrilled :)

  10. Hallo fellow Aquarian! My birthday is just a few days away. The card and the family picture is beautiful! advance birthday wishes to you and your mom.

  11. Beautiful pictures of your family! I know your mom will love it! We just recently ordered some of Tiny Prints classroom valentines and they turned out great.

  12. So cute, Julia! I love the pink stripes, too!

  13. Fantastic card! Have a great week!

    Angela @ Number Fifty-Three

  14. Beautiful card, and even more beautiful family! :)

  15. What a gorgeous family you have!! I love the card. My moms birthday is Feb 13. Im sure your mom will just love it:)

  16. What a fabulous card, could you all be more photogenic?!! Your mom is going to be thrilled!!

  17. Awww!! She is going to love it!! I haven't told many friends about my blog, because I'm afraid they are going to see all my gift ideas, and they'll always know what to expect from me! It's like I'm living a secret life lol. How long does it take for something to get from here to there anyway? The mailing system is amazing if you think about it!

    1. Thank you! And I agree we blogger all live a secret life ;)

  18. Wow, I love it Julia! Good looking bunch you all are...

  19. great photos! one nice thing about not seeing family as often as you'd like is that you do make an effort to get those family photos when you do. We have so many more photos with Dave's parents who live out of state than with my parents who live a few minutes away!

  20. I love this! So sweet and fun to mail out cards outside of Christmas! :)

  21. The design is so great! I am trying to design birth announcements, and I'm starting to think that it would just be easier to go through Tiny Prints :)

  22. Love it! The rounded corners are a perfect touch.

  23. Gorgeous photo and perfect design!


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