Monday, July 21, 2014

Where am I

Guess what? I wrote this post on Saturday and hopeful today while you guys are reading this, I will be arriving in Germany while my hubby is holding down the fort at home.

This summer is passing so so fast. It's pretty much a whirlwind.

The next couple of weeks will be spent with my family and if I don't reply to your questions or comment on other blogs as much as I usually do, then you know why.

Meanwhile I want to share my past Germany posts with you. Simply click on the title links to see the posts.

(I want my parents front door)

2012 posts:

my brother's old place part 1 and part 2

So that's it for today. Hopefully talk to you on Wednesday. I have a sudden death to deal with in our family in Germany and it's knocked the wind out of my sails. I'm not sure how my posts will be for the upcoming weeks because plans have been derailed. I will have a pet post for you for sure on Friday though and also some more house updates with stuff that I got down before leaving for our trip.



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  1. I went back and read some of your old posts on Germany since I missed them the first time around. I love your hometown! It's like a storybook. I have been to Germany twice - so pretty. Once for a wedding but sadly there was no dancing in the street. Also your parents have an amazing house and so many cool pieces! Enjoy your trip!

  2. I hope you guys have a great time!

  3. I'm so sorry to hear of your family's loss. Hopefully all being together will ease the pain a bit. Enjoy your stay and give Deutschland a big hug from me! World Cup Champs!!! Woot! Woot!

  4. So sorry for your family's loss Julia!

  5. So sorry for your loss, Julia! I hope you are able to enjoy your stay as much as possible. We'll be here when you get back :)

  6. I'm so sorry for your loss, Julia. You'll be in my thoughts are you travel.

  7. I'm so sorry to hear about your losing a family member, Julia. My prayers and good thoughts are with you.

  8. I'm so sorry for your loss Julia. I hope you are still able to enjoy some time with your family! I love your parent's front door too!

  9. So sorry to hear of your loss Julia. Safe travels.
    I will go down memory lane and read your travel posts. Hugs!!

  10. So sorry for your loss, Julia.
    Enjoy this time with your family (and I want that front door, too!)

  11. Take some time off, lady. Hope the time with family is cathartic, and also that you have a wonderful visit home. xoxo

  12. I loved browsing your Germany posts and your parents place is incredible! Your son's post will always be my fave :) Have a great trip!

  13. Absolutely incredible Julia!! Have a wonderful time!

  14. So sorry for your loss! I hope you are still able to enjoy your time in Germany! I've never been to Germany, but it looks gorgeous!

  15. So beautiful! So much rich history! I hope you have a wonderful time :)


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