Before and After

Destin Golf Green and Hex Sign Knob Dresser Makeover

 Desk or Bar Makeover

Kitchen Redo (HERE, HERE and HERE in the house tour)

 Powder Room Makeover

Brass shelf makeover
DIY brass shelf by cuckoo4design

 Salvation Army lamps
DIY ugly lamp makeover by cuckoo4design

french provincial desk makeover by cuckoo4design

grey chevron changing table by cuckoo4design

Bombay dog table
Bombday dog table makeover by cuckoo4design

vintage 1965 Thomasville chairs
1965 Thomasville chair makeover by cuckoo4design

vintage Craigslist chair
DIY vintage chair by cuckoo4design

more vintage Craigslist chairs
bright makeover of 4 chairs by cuckoo4design

DIY silver french provincial dresser by cuckoo4design
and I change this one again into this:

Click HERE to see more pictures.

DIY cuckoo clock by cuckoo4design

DIY cuckoo clock makeover by cuckoo4design

auction secretary desk
secretary desk makeover before and after by cuckoo4design

DIY black and white striped headboard by cuckoo4design

aqua and gold dresser by cuckoo4design

mirror makeover by cuckoo4design

auction ottoman
DIY ottoman upholstery with grey west elm Ikat fabric by cuckoo4design

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  1. These are all great projects and your house is full of so much color! Love it!

  2. Julia, you have inspired me. I just love your "fairies sleep under leaves" room. I, like you, do NOT NOT NOT like character rooms. I, like you, am crazy enough to re-purpose my neighbors trash. We moved into our tiny ranch 2 years ago and I have come up with every reason not to like this house. But its time to start creating it into the home we thought it could be when we moved in. First project.... My 8 year old daughter Kylahs room. I am going to borrow some of your ideas for the walls and possibly the polka dots. I "curb surfed" and found a GORGEOUS vanity that I would like to incorporate as well as the chair that I picked up "dumpster diving"!!! I will, thanks to your blog, take lots of before pictures. Thank you for the inspiration. Wish me luck!!!! Linette

    1. Awww Linette, thanks so much. I'm glad I could inspire somebody ;)
      I'm actually working on a desk/vanity right now myself. First wanted it for DD's room but now might do something else with it.
      Good luck with your projects in you daughter's room.
      And thanks for coming to my blog! Hope to hear from you again :)

  3. hi julia,
    do you have a post up yet about how you did the silver/grey vintage dresser? REAlly interested bc im going to redo a similar piece. your blog is great!!

    1. Thanks Kathy,
      Unfortunately I don't have a post about it yet. The truth is that I'm not 100% happy about the paint I used. But I should probably write a post about that! Several people have asked me to write one about the dresser.
      I'm itching to redo it and try out some other silver paints.
      Stop by again.

  4. I have to say, you certainly don't lack creativity ~
    I love all your After!!!
    Sonia x)

  5. LOVE all of these afters! You're inspiring me to add some more bold pops of color in my home! Thank you for all of your awesome ideas!

  6. Szia Julia!

    Annyira örülök, hogy rá találtam a blogodra.Nem találok szavakat! Gyönyörűek! Nemsokára mi is megvásároljuk álmaink otthonát és oda én is ilyen felújított bútorokat tervezek. Mindenképp visszatérek még ötleteket gyűjteni. További sok sikert és jó munkát. Üdvözlettel, Mónika.

    1. Hi Monica, nice to meet you! I tried to translate your Hungarian into English and got to understand that you refurbished some furniture too.
      Thanks for stopping by.

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  8. I am new to your blog and I love your before and afters! I have wanted to use that honeycomb pendant forever and it looks so great in your kitchen!

  9. I love the before and after page! Awesome projects (it is amazing what some paint, elbow grease, and love can do for old furniture) and a really cool way of displaying it. I may have to borrow the idea and do something similar on my blog.

  10. Hi Julia! I clicked over here from YHL. I just want to say I'm in love with the lime green squirrel chair and I feel like I have to make one, but have no idea how to reupholster cushions. but I need that chair. And the squirrel pillow! And now I want a cockoo clock!

    1. Thanks so much Lacey. I love the chair too, it's actually for sale in my Etsy shop (the pillow is gone already though) which I still need to get out of vacation mode. Your comment just reminded me.
      Wishing you luck on the cuckoo clock hunt!

  11. Also clicked over from YHL and you have officially stolen my heart! I love all of your work and feel oh so inspired. Thanks for sharing!!

    Bridget @ DIY Playbook

    1. Thanks so much for your comment and for coming over!

  12. This comment has been removed by the author.

  13. Great stuff! Love your style -

  14. I have always hated cuckoo clocks for the exact reason you said...old-musty-people...Your designs and refurbishing of them make me want to run out and buy!! I love your beautiful style!

  15. I love the deer pillow and the elk statue, where can I find?

    1. Hi Tasha, I bought the Elk Statue at an auction and the pillow is actually from Germany but I recently saw a similar one at H&M home online. You should check it out to see if it is sill there.

  16. Huge improvements! You have an excellent eye. You have really transformed each of those items to work perfectly in their respective spaces!

  17. Love your site!! And your kitchen. All your before and afters are fabulous. How long have you been blogging? Just getting started on mine:) -Kristine

  18. Pure genius. Incredible transformations.

  19. Drooling! Do you come to people's homes to do this? "Just" present what you've done for us to replicate IF we can? And do you have any two drawer file cabinets that you have done/want to do that I could buy?? Really on all this. There are two things I want for my home office - a daybed or futon and the two drawer file cabinet - that are cool that I can't find commercially anywhere. Wanna email me and discuss? Thanks thanks!


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