Garden Tour

Come see my DIY outdoor cat enclosure by clicking HERE
You can see the tunnel in the above photo along the top of the fence

My husband and I love to spend time in our yard. It is a very small yard for American standards but to us it is a beautiful little space. We both love to dig in the dirt and tend to our flowers.

orange Lilly, pink Mouse Ear and Milk Weed
Something new comes up almost every week and it is exciting to watch.

cuckoo 4 our garden, Hostas, Grasses
We love to have a glass of wine on our flag stone patio. There are steps (that the hubby laid) that lead up to the small hideaway. Lounging in the hammock isn't too shabby either.

flag stone patio and rock stairs
We both are big fans of Hostas. Their different sized leaves and colors give the yard texture.

And taking pictures of the yard is fun too!

Buddha sitting under light green Hosta

rock stairs leading to flagstone patio

orange Lilly, Lilac and Cherry Blossoms

pink Rhododendron
This is our paver patio. The only thing we didn't do ourselves. It's a great place to eat dinner and that's exactly what we do all summer long. Our dining room doesn't get used at all, because this spot is the place to be.

paver patio with lime green Ballard Design cusions
The patio is still a little bare but by July/August when all the tropical plants like Cannas and Elephant Ears are fully grown, the patio will look like a jungle.

I hope you liked our little garden tour.

You can see some old before photos in this post HERE and some more pretty photos HERE.



  1. I love your garden! I have a lot of trees in my yard and a lot of shade. What are some of your shade plants you have with your Hostas?

    1. Thank you so much. I use a lot of different ferns, elephant ears and then I have a shade grass which I love called Hakone Grass, also known as Japanese Forest Grass (Hakonechloa). I hope that helps!

  2. Everything is absolutely gorgeous!! I also love to decorate and work outdoors in our yard.Repurposing items is so much FUN.


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