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Friday, September 20, 2013

More basement info

Ok, called me out on it! The basement (click HERE if you missed Wednesday's post) is actually not THAT bad anymore (tricked ya) but trust me when I tell you that it looked like Dexter's kill room for almost 2 years. I sure regret not taking pictures now but it was just such a sad time with all joking aside.

And I probably would have scared people to death with it. It could have had a serious affect on my kids social life and parents probably would have felt really uncomfortable letting their kids come over to our house. Who would let their kids play at a house where the basement looks like this?

{image via}

{image via flickr}
Alright, the basement didn't look like this but couldn't help myself.
Had to share this ;) lego room.

{image via tasyneat}

I mean what goes on in a house like this?

I'm sure a cat with kidney failure wouldn't be their first thought, right? :)

Maybe I should have kept it like that over Halloween for a party! But I'm not a fan of serial killer themed parties even though I'm a huge Dexter fan, but I'll tell you about that another time.

I received a ton of questions about my bar which I will try to share with you as soon as possible. I have to try to draw it somehow I guess and I don't have a program for plans, so lets see.

I got questions about the black and white striped curtains over the ugly basement window. I actually bought them at Ikea and they were a special edition curtain.

And I know they aren't ideal for the stupid window but believe me when I tell you that it looks too bare and more like a prison cell when the panel is removed.

I also got plenty of questions about the little cat litter box toilet sign. Mine was paper and was getting pretty cruddy so I made a new one yesterday for our door with wall grade vinyl.

cat litter box or toilet wall vinyl decal

cat litter box or toilet wall vinyl decal

And I also added the decal to my Etsy store (click HERE) so you can have one too. There are several other colors available as well.

I won't forget about the little cat (or small dog) door that you asked about and which we don't just have in our litter box closet but also in several other doors. Our cats can pretty much go wherever they want in our house, even the kids' rooms, because they love when they visit at night and snuggle. The door is called the Cathole Pet Door and you can buy it HERE .
And after googling "cat hole" I learned something new. It's probably just new to this German but I had no clue LOL. If you love camping then you probably know already and I'm just the clueless foreigner.

The dresser is almost done that I have been working on so I will hopefully be able to share that with you next week.

I wish you all a wonderful weekend.



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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Country style dresser makeover with CeCe Caldwell Destin Golf Green chalk paint

Today I finally have another dresser makeover for you.

I had this old handmade dresser that I have been wanting to paint and since I had the CeCe Caldwell's Destin Golf Green left over, I thought I'd just use it again on this one.

Here is the dresser before: 

But I didn't want to do the same thing as last time again though. Nooooo! That would be too boring, right? I wanted to add a little twist to it.

This dresser is truly old and handcrafted. It had to be chalk paint again! I don't know if you remember my post about the Pennsylvania Dutch Hex Signs (click HERE if you missed it or want to refresh your mind). Well I thought that this dresser would be perfect for a little hex magic!

So I bought some 3" craft wood circles at AC Moore and made my own chalk paint with some oops paint from Lowes. I will post about my experimenting with chalk paint recipes on Friday, ok?

bad iPhone photo ;)

Anyway, then I drew up a design on the circles, painted them with my chalk paint and waxed them when they were dry. After that I only had to drill holes for the vintage glass knobs to fit through.

And here is my dresser afterwards. I think it's so fun and I could also totally picture it in a kids room.

Or a little different:

And yes my vintage paint by numbers made an appearance! I love how they look with their newly white painted frames.

I honestly would love to move stuff out of my kids rooms to move this dresser and the artwork in.

This is just one of those things again where some people just don't get it. And maybe I will look at this post in a couple of years and say: "Ugh geesh, what was I thinking!!!" But for right now I think this is fun and I really love it!

Like I said I before, I will write about my chalk paint experiments on Friday. And I still have some on my list that I didn't get to try yet. Stop back ok?

{This dresser is for sale in my Etsy store. Click HERE}


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Monday, April 29, 2013

On My Mind Monday...Pennsylvania Dutch Hex Signs!

I think I might do an "On My Mind Monday" every now and then. Because I have lots of stuff in there and the need to share it, haha!

First of all, I had a nice relaxed weekend with my dad. The weather was awesome and we enjoyed our backyard.

And... here is one of the things that have been on my mind lately. And it's once again one of those things that I used to hate but now am kind of digging. Just like the cuckoo clocks and the gnomes.

When I first came to the US of A I was kind of annoyed (please don't tell me I'm mean again that's not what I'm trying to say) with older people coming up to me and talking in Pennsylvania Dutch and expecting me to understand them. "Hey I'm German and I remember my grandma talking to me in German...." Then they'd ramble something which sounded really strange to me and I had no clue what they just said. It's not German and sounds like a mixture between English, Dutch and German.
And then I'd check out the roadside Pennsylvania Dutch stands and their designs and roll my eyes. I wasn't really ever a fan of Americana, folk art and similar styles.

But you know what? Times have changed. And I'm starting to dig the Pennsylvania Dutch Hex signs.
Do you know what I'm talking about, if not, then check it out:

{image via Wikipedia}
Of course I would want my own spin on them. A little something different like the painted cuckoo clocks.

Hex is supposedly coming from the German word Hexe (meaning witch). Which gets me sidetracked again because a random fact about me is that when people asked me as a child what I wanted to be when I grew up, they got the answer a witch. LOL, not kidding and I know my husband would say well that explains a lot. I'm married to a German witch! .... If you are German then you maybe remember "Bibi Blocksberg":

Gosh I loved her! She was my idol for years and I spent hours and days flying around my (pretend) broom and perfecting spells. What's there not to like about a story of a little witch and her powerless little brother? Hey boys didn't have any magic powers only girls! My little brother hated to be a pretend powerless helper that could get turned into a frog at any moment. I'm getting back into the groove here. Love those memories, haha.

But anyways back to the Hex signs.

Check out these designs:

Hex sign rug and skirt by "Made with love by Hannah"
I can so picture this rug in a fun kids room or even a kitchen!

Love this pillow as well

"Made with love by Hannah" also makes really cute other items that remind me a little of Germany. Check out her toadstools and her kissin critters ornament (with a free printable).

I also found these hex sign pins on etsy:

You can find them at "Yesware" on Etsy

Or these wood slice hex signs:

{image via DesignSponge}

So do you think I'm too cuckoo again? Or do you kind of get it?

Talk to you on Wednesday, I have another furniture makeover to share.



Friday, February 8, 2013

Block Chromatics

It feels pretty good to say that this is my 100th post today! And it's my mom's birthday. Happy birthday Mama, but she doesn't know how to use a computer, so she probably won't read this unless my dad shows it to her. My birthday is two days before her's and she always said that I was her early birthday present. I hate being so far away from my parents and I miss them everyday...

If you are wondering what I got for my birthday, well, I did get the silhouette cameo, but I didn't have time to play around with it yet. I need to order some supplies for it too. Can you believe that I spent my second tech appointment at the apple store yesterday for this week? This time for almost 2.5 hours. 

I also went to an auction this week that really frustrated me. There were so many goodies that I wanted and I wasn't able to get any of the items that I really wanted.

They had a huge collection of quality mid-century modern furniture but it all went for a lot of money. I was eying up the day bed, bar cart, dining room set and desk... the dealers got it all again.

This mid-century Copenhagen Danish sofa bed might look boring to some people but I really would have loved to get my hands on it and reupholster it:

mid-century modern sofa bed (Copenhagen Danish furniture)

What I really wanted to buy was the 1970s Block Chromatics (made in Germany) dishes that they had for sale. It was a multi colored set, but when I heard the starting bid of $250 and somobody bidding over the phone, I knew I wasn't going to get it. Especially since 2 plates had chips. No cheap thrift store prices at that auction!

Aren't they gorgeous though?

green and orange 1970 Block Chromatics made in Germany
image via {etsy: LuckyDogsGarage for $45}
blue and green Block Chromatics made in Germany
image via etsy: MidCenturyGirls, items sold

blue and green 1970s block chromatics
image via etsy: SucresDaintyDish for $95
multi colored block chromatics made in Germany
image via etsy: ModandMore for 32.95

They had the dishes in multi-colors, meaning red, pinks, blues and greens....swoon! 
The above dishes are all available for sale in the linked Etsy stores. So if you are thinking about pinning any of them please do so from the original source;)

Do you know what I ended up buying?

Well, I loved Karl from the minute that I walked in but I kind of don't have room for him. When I got outbid for all the other stuff I was focused on bringing him home. May I say frustration purchase? I even gave another lady the evil eye while bidding and I spent way more than I actually wanted to spend on him.

Here is Karl, the large stag.

I was thinking about painting him but when I saw him on the top of my fridge next to all the white stuff, I wasn't so sure anymore. Look how big he actually is? Isn't he cool?

Have a great weekend and stay safe. We have a lot of snow coming!
I will announce my giveaway winner on Monday.