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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Another update on our daughter

I thought it was time to give a little update on how we are doing with our little girl since I've been getting a lot of emails asking how she is doing since my last post (which you can read HERE in case you missed it).

First of all I have to say that I was once again so pleasantly surprised how much sweet support and outreach I received from all you amazing friends out there. I really had no idea how many similar stories were out there. It really meant a lot to me and my husband to hear from all of you who gave us hope that we are totally trying the right thing here with battling her Candida Overgrowth.

Let me begin where I left off in my last post where the pediatrician prescribed her the Nystatin to treat the yeast. Well, when I went in to see the pediatrician a couple days later to talk about the next step, she informed me that I was wasting my time and she didn't believe in any of it. She only prescribed me the Nystatin to make me happy is pretty much what she was saying amongst some other things.
She totally doesn't believe in her issues being related to the enteric nervous system (which is also known as the second brain or the gut brain connection). I told her that it's not too much to ask to get her intestinal tract finally where it should be after her lifelong struggle with severe constipation. I'm done with Miralax and other products like it. I left rather infuriated and my husband was really angry after I told her what she said.

Let me explain a little what I'm talking about. I know I mentioned that she had one sided issues that almost appeared like nerve damage which this year is the first it showed up in this form. She always had her sensory issues related to clothing everywhere before.

Well some more open minded doctors, scientists, psychologists and practitioners believe strongly that the nerves running from your gut through your spinal cord can effect the brain.
The Candida Yeast overgrowth that releases all kind of toxins in your body can affect those nerves and your entire system. There are so many articles and books to read and they aren't coming from uneducated morons either. For example this HERE is a great great article on how the gut is related to psychiatry. Anxiety, depression, behavior problems, anger, ADHD and autistic symptoms can all be related to your gut.

{image via NewScientist}

So when our daughter has had these problems her entire life and we are being sent to a psychiatrist, I'm asking our pediatrician why not try this first? Why is it so shunned by our standard physicians? Changing your child's diet is considered holistic medicine?

Is it the easy route? Nope, it definitely is not, it would be much easier to give her some pharmaceutical medications to decrease her symptoms and behavior.

I'm still taking her to a psychological evaluation because I was asked to do so by my pediatrician. I do want to cover all areas and I will of course see what they have to say but meds aren't an option just yet.

This is where I have to report that our daughter is in her  fourth week of a no sugar, no yeast, no gluten, no wheat diet - the Candida Diet. She it's about 80% vegetables (mostly cooked) and 20% protein. Thank fully she loves vegetables!
To be honest the first two weeks were hell. It can totally be compared to withdrawal symptoms. She was acting awful.
I'm so thankful to my husband and how much he has been researching and cooking and we are a complete team. You can also follow along this Pinterest board to see recipes we have tried or will try. Our daughter even made it through her birthday happy and without a cake.

Some of our favorites:
Creamy, Zuchini, Walnut and Thyme Soup {via Food To Glow}
Quinoa Meatloaf {via Candida Diet, we used chicken though}

How has this affected her so far? Well, it's still baby steps but we can see a difference. For the first time in her life she is able to go to the bathroom daily without being constipated. She isn't as angry and hasn't tried to physical hurt me anymore in her struggles and outbursts over clothing. She is a little happier, although still sad and struggling daily with her major anxiety. But we have made it to soccer and she is able to tolerate her uniform without completely losing it. The other day she even asked me to do her hair again. And by her own words she is telling me that she thinks she is feeling a little better and she hopes her "problems" will go away soon.
I don't think it will be the magic solution to all of it but I do believe we are on the right track. If this has affected her nerves, then I know it can take several months.
But this diet change is certainly not hurting her.

I have also found a more local doctor who deals with these types of approaches and trying to find the least invasive and least toxic methods first before starting standard medications. And I have heard from other families who were helped greatly by seeing this facility (click HERE). Unfortunately there is, once again, a long waiting list and we couldn't get an appointment until the end of January, which of course isn't what we wanted but we'll take it.

For now we are continuing what my practitioner friend in Germany is advising us to do which after finishing the Nystatin is to gently (child appropriate) clean her out and then rebuild her gut flora with the right and necessary bacterias and probiotics of which she was missing several. She is also seeing an Occupational Therapist again who is coming to our house.

So this is it for now about our daughter but to finish off this post I thought I'd keep it real with my own #iambraveandbeautiful selfie. Have you followed along online, on Instagram and twitter where women are taking off their makeup? And I know I'll be getting that phone call from my mom where she will be asking me "what the heck did you do that for?" comment. She never leaves the house without makeup ;)
Believe me it wasn't easy for me, by no means. I hate taking pictures of myself and that is with makeup on. It makes me cringe. But since I'm approaching 40 I thought it was the right time to do it now.

I loved Beckie's post yesterday (click HERE) and the video she shared where other bloggers are doing the same.

Well here it goes. This is me and how I look when I roll out of bed in the morning. No makeup, no photoshop and frizzy hair:


This was inspired by Colbie Caillat's song "Try"


And in case the video doesn't work for you 
(you might have to head on over to youtube to make it work by clicking HERE), 
here are the beautiful lyrics:

Put your make up on
Get your nails done 
Curl your hair 
Run the extra mile 
Keep it simple 
So they like you, do they like you 
Get your sexy on 
Don't be shy girl 
Take it off 
This is what you want to belong 
So they like you, do you like you 
You don’t have to try so hard 
You don’t have to give it all away 
You just have to get up, get up, get up 
You don’t have change a single thing 
You don’t have to try, try, try, try 
 Get your shopping on at the mall 
Max your credit card 
You don’t have to choose 
Buy it all So they like you 
Do they like you 
Wait a sec 
You watch should you care what they think of you 
When you’re all alone 
By yourself, do you like you 
Do you like you 
You don’t have to try so hard 
You don’t have to give it all away 
You just have to get up, get up, get up 
You don’t have change a single thing 
You don’t have to try, try, try, try 
Take your make up off Let your hair down 
Take a breath 
Look into the mirror at yourself 
Don’t you like you? 
Cause I like you!

I will be moving this little blog to very soon so be sure to update all your bookmarks.

Talk to you soon my friends.



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Monday, August 25, 2014

Visit to Bratislava and Mödling written by my son

Hello again mom's friends who I don't really know. I'm back and this time to write about a little town in Austria called Mödling and the Slovakian capital Bratislava.

Bratislava (for it's history click HERE) borders Austria and Hungary which makes it the only national capital that borders two independent countries. I visited two country capitals this year on my trip.

{image via wikipedia}

This is the Bratislava castle or Hrad in Slovakia:

Next to the Bratislava city walls:

I saw this martyr's glass and gold coffin in a small church, it is the body of St. Reparat, he died as a Christian martyr in 353 and was buried in Rome, in 1769 his remains were exhumed and moved to Bratislava where he remains in the Franciscan Church:


If you look in the left corner that's what I ate in Bratislava. It was a restaurant that specialized in Slovakian food I ate a sort of curry sauce with chicken and homemade noodles.

Biggest church in Bratislava is St. Stephens, it had a crypt where there was a coffin from 817:

A nice gothic church:

Bratislava was pretty run down in some places but it was still interesting to look at. At least I think so:

Now it's time for Mödling, which is outside Wien, where we visited Burg Liechtenstein (Castle Liechtenstein).

And we visited "Seegrotte" which is the name of the largest underground lake in Europe and the site of a gypsum mine.

Castle Liechtenstein was literally in the middle of nowhere. There was only me and about seven other people.

It was definitely one of the coolest castles ever. Meet my new favorite castle:

We got to take a boat in the underground lake! I've never done something like that before :)

I saw so much more on all my trips. Maybe my mom will write another one. I have to go to school soon and can't wait to tell my friends about everything I saw this summer.

And again like my mom says "Tschüss".

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2012 posts:
my brother's old place part 1 and part 2

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Monday, January 6, 2014

Random Happenings and the poll

Happy Monday friends!

Gosh what a long cold weekend. I don't even know where to begin but I'll get to that in a second!

Lets talk mustache here again (click HERE if you missed our mustache poll on Friday). It was a pretty good voting turnout for me. Only a third of the post views voted but that was still several hundred people, well mostly ladies ;) but that's good for me. And sorry to the folks that obviously expect design related posts on this little blog but I'm glad that I wrote the post.

bimbo booth and mustache guy

My husband voted himself by the way and I don't doubt that he made a buddy or two vote for his stupid mustache.
Here are the results which show that most of you guys are on board with me:

Here is a virtual high five my friends to agreeing that his mustache is not nice looking! He is still in denial and telling me that I probably cheated…blah blah blah…he's a bad looser!

Back to the weekend:
The snow storm on Friday kept the kids home from school and prompted me to make the decision to take our porch cat inside. I was successful in catching the poor kitty since the negative temperatures made it huddle up in the heated igloo on the porch. The heating pad was not working that great anymore since it was way way too cold.

I managed to make a shelter for the kitty in our spare bathroom with a hideout in the linen closet.
The first evening I spent watching a netflix movie on the bathroom floor and it only took 5 minutes for kitty to crawl out of her box and curl up by my stomach which melted my heart.

The trust and love they can put into a human after being so hugely disappointed for the majority of their lives is amazing.

My hubby wasn't so kind and asked me 'what he hell I was doing'? Well I didn't stop there and ended up sleeping in the bathtub with kitty for 2 hours in the early morning hours because I heard it crying.

Night night!
On Saturday morning I took it to the vet since I had a free first exam coupon. I was dying to know what gender it was and if it was healthy besides the blind eye.

At the vet with my daughter.
Well, it's a little girl who is guessed to be around 5 years old and she is healthy. No leukemia or aids. So glad! And after doing some shaving we discovered her scar that proves that she was spayed. But which also means that she was discarded like a piece of trash several years ago. Remember that she has been around my house for around 4 years but has always been to scared to come close until this summer. She is pretty much blind on her one eye.

You can see her bad eye in this photo where she is keeping me company while blogging. And yes I'm sitting on the bathroom floor.

And she looks very similar to our 18 year old Manx cat Heidi, don't you think so?

Minus being cross eyed of course!
My husband and I have been arguing about her ever since. I totally understand that he says we can't afford another cat but I told him that I have tried to find her another home and have failed. It doesn't matter if she is inside or outside. If she'd be sick, I would take her to the vet no matter where she is. If I notice that I have a sick animal in my yard or front porch, I will take it.  Don't even think about dumping your animals on my property y'all ;) But on top of all that arguing, my other cats aren't happy at all either.
I really wish I could find her a great home where she isn't getting stressed out by other cats. It would break my heart though but it would make things easier with my husband and other furry children.

But our daughter is thrilled with her .

And speaking of finding cats a home…do you remember the little cat I found on my front porch a couple of weeks ago? She was so skinny and hungry!

A couple had picked her up an hour after posting her photo on my Facebook page! Well, I finally received some updates and she is doing great in her new home with her new family.
Here is a photo of her in her new home. I received some more photos but they were too personal to share ;) :

To me it was a successful cat rescue weekend :) Sorry for all the blurry iPhone photos, it's all I got.

Besides that we had friends over for dinner and watched our son wrestle again.

I have another chiropractor appointment today and am trying to get well. So bare with me! I will hopefully be back to my DIYing self soon. I'm planning on sharing the instructions to our basement bar this or next week. I have been talking about it for almost 2 years. Sorry!

I'm hopefully finally getting some skiing in this afternoon. I have been looking forward to this for a while now and I'm glad I don't need my arm or shoulder!

Hope you had a great weekend.



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