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Monday, October 20, 2014

DIY Maleficent Costume

easy DIY maleficent costume made with duct tape and aluminum foil by Cuckoo4Design

This is one of those posts where I get so super excited about hitting the publish button. Even giddy!

I was dragging my feet with a costume for our daughter this year because I just didn't know what she could handle. If you have ever dealt with a kid with sensory issues who is especially struggling with clothing (click HERE, HERE and HERE to read about her) then you know that store bought Halloween costumes are especially awful for them. The texture, the seams, the tags and velcro.

Last year she was the sugar skull (click HERE) and she wore a plain mumu-like dress that I had bought at H&M, this one HERE* is similar. I managed to come up with an idea for this year where she can wear the same dress again but the look is completely different. And that's all thanks to amazing face paint (I bought paint called Snazaroo*, best money ever spent) and some black Duck Tape*.

Thankfully she doesn't mind wearing things on her head most of the time. And since last year she loves being something a little more scary. She used to only want to be a princess or fairy and I'm so glad she loves playing along with different characters now.

So here is what we did. And sorry for the cellphone pictures but that's how I roll when I'm DIYing ;)

  1. I used cut up grocery bags to line her head, so the tape doesn't stick to her hair. Be very careful! I taped the shape of her skull over the grocery bags.
  2. I took it off her head and cut out the front triangle piece/widows peak. (Later I taped a piece of alligator printed craft felt onto that peak for a little added detail.) I also cut around the edges to get rid of the overlapping grocery bags.
  3. Then I put another grocery bag on her head (always tell your kids to not do this on their own) and put the cap back on. This is to be able to tape more on the bottom back part of her head and over her ears.
  4. To ensure being able to easily take the piece off and on, I cut a slit in the back of it
  5. It's time for horns! I used aluminum foil to shape the horns and taped them to her cap.
  6. I made sure they are both bent the same way.
  7. I used two toilet paper rolls for the bottom of the horns but you don't have to. It works just fine with only aluminum foil. I then kept taping around the horns until they were all covered and felt solid.
  8. And viola a finished costume. 

I know, I know sorry you want to know how I made her stick, right? I used one of those Squishy Ball* things that my kids had. It blinks. I cut it open, removed the blinking gadget. I had some green thin upholstery foam that I used to wrap the blinking gadget and then I taped everything to a stick that I found in the woods. Now if she taps the stick on the ground it blinks ;) She loves it.

The make up was very easy to do too. And the cape is an adult sized short vampire cape. You can, of course, add more detail to that as well but I think it looks fine just the way it is. Don't you agree?

I only had to buy the felt and 2 rolls of tape. Not bad!

In the photos above she is wearing the same type of dress ;)

It's unbelievable how much she likes to model though. She gets right into character and has an awesome time with me taking photos. I'm sure you can tell that she enjoyed herself!

Sensory issues and Halloween costumes

Halloween costume for child with sensory processing issues SPD

Before we started she sketched a picture for me. So cute ;)

I couldn't find any crows. They were sold out everywhere!

And here is her costume from last year with the same dress (click HERE to read more):

Our son went for a store-bought headless horseman this year.

I'm glad I got this out of the way and both kiddos are happy.


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Friday, October 25, 2013

Kids costumes and the gift card winner

{If you are here to see the Modern Fall Home Tour then click HERE}

I have been busy doing little things here and there around the house and if you follow me on Instagram then you have seen it already. Maybe I'll show you on Monday. We have such a busy weekend coming up with 6 soccer games and freezing cold weather…ugh!

Last night was our local Halloween parade and the kids love to go. It's all about collecting bags and bags of candy before they've even had trick or treat.

So I thought that I'd share some more costumes with you today.

My son wanted to have face paint now too so we practiced the other night. I have to improve his teeth next time though. Scary clowns are not really my favorite.

He is really happy with it though and it was free. So I'm happy too ;) All we used was a cape that we already had and his sister's face paint.

She went as her sugar skull again last night. She gets really excited when people don't recognize her.

my daughter's sugar skull costume
I also want to show you what we did last year since I never shared it on the blog before. 

I had the cutest little evil witch flying around my backyard:

 Love this little creature. I've told you she likes getting into character :)

And then she also was a princess for school. I told her that it was Belle in her red dress:

My son did Star Wars again. He's just not THAT into getting dressed up anymore. He's growing up way too fast.

Unfortunately we missed the annual Renaissance Faire this year because the one weekend my hubby had to work and the other weekend our cat was so horribly sick and I didn't want to leave her alone. Saved us some money but the kids were really sad.

This is what we looked like last year:

I had my proud knight protecting us!
Yup, she's channeling her inner Renaissance maiden here.

Well this is just another post to show you how much we love Halloween but I think you got it by now right?

One more thing my friends:

The winner of the $200 Target gift card is #194 Nikki Wilson!

Have a great weekend.



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