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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Ikea Maskros Hack Ideas

I have been thinking about possibly doing one of the many 
Ikea Maskros hacks that you can see in blog land. 

Do I have room for one? NO! 
Do I want to be amongst all those bloggers that hacked the Maskros already? Hmmm, not sure. 

But I really am a huge fan of this crazy popular Ikea chandelier. 
It's everywhere: TV shows, store displays, clubs, restaurants...

Ikea Maskros Chandelier Hack Ideas

So I thought about sharing some of the ideas with you.
Part of the Maskros Appeal is that it is simply elegant and a few of my ideas unfortunately take that simplicity away but would make a great focal point!

Here it goes:

Since Halloween is fast approaching I thought about hacking the Maskros into a black chandelier with bats. You would have to cut out or buy 80 (for the small Maskros) black paper bats and attach them to a black spray painted Maskros. Wouldn't that be so cool for a Halloween party? The shadows on the wall but be so fun!
This website sells a package of 8 paper bats for $2.49 or this site sells a large bat craft paper punch.

Halloween Ikea Maskros Chandelier Hack Ideas
If you don't like bats, then do black spiders or white ghosts!

The other day I came across this fabulous tutorial on how to make paper orchids on Pinterest. 
Lia from Ellinée blog has a downloadable printout for a white orchid or a pink orchid and I was thinking that it would be so fun to make a Maskros orchid chandelier. 
Instead of attaching the standard flowers, you'd "only" (haha) have to make 80 of her fabulous orchids.
She has several other paper flower ideas as well. 

Or if you like it a little more glam then you might like the idea of punching out mirror effect craft paper. And yes there is such a paper. They have it in the scrapbooking isle in silver, gold and color tinted! Again use a craft punch to cut out the desired shape 

for example a star, octagon or circle and attach to Maskros.

I also thought about making 80 paper lady bugs.
Wouldn't that be cute for a baby or toddler room or even a birthday party?

Paper ladybug Ikea Maskros Chandelier Hack Ideas

And last but not least felt!
Felt is so in style right now! So why not make a felt Maskros Chandelier???
You can shape flowers like Beckie from Infarrantly Creative
Or this gorgeous felt flower by Balsam on etsy.

felt Ikea Maskros Chandelier Hack Ideas

And if you don't want a chandelier then why not transform it into a floor lamp like this hack?

What do you think? So many options, right! 
Do you have any more ideas? Please share!

I 'll probably regret throwing these ideas out there for somebody to use 
and make a fabulous Maskros that will be all over pinterest 
but the reality is that I don't have the room (well, maybe for one) but not for 5 or 6!

Talk to you soon fellow webbers und guten Tag.

Ikea Maskros Hack Ideas

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Haunted Ikea Stråla Woods

I'm not at all into "crafty-cutesy" Fall/Halloween decorations. I try to keep it to a minimum. But on the other hand I have kids who love Halloween. I have to find a happy medium.

My favorite thing to use for Halloween decorations are spiders. It's not too morbid and still scary enough!

With Halloween approaching I had the idea to repurpose an old white Ikea Stråla Christmas light that I had in the attic. It had turned yellow and didn't look so pretty anymore.

Ikea Stråla white forest light

Ikea Stråla white forest light

So I came up with the idea to turn it into haunted woods. I first wanted to cut a ton of eyes into the trees and back them with yellow transparent paper to make the eyes glow but it was so hard to cut out tiny eyes in this really thick paper that I quickly realized ghosts would be a much better option.

Ikea Stråla Haunted Woods Hack by cuckoo4design

I drew the shapes of the ghosts on the pine trees and cut them out with scissors and an X-ACTO knife. I also have a house peeking from behind a pine tree. Then I taped the ghosts and anything else that I wanted to keep white and spray painted it black.

Ikea Stråla with ghost

Ikea Stråla spray painted black

Voila... now we have a black haunted pine tree forrest.

Ikea Stråla Black Haunted Forest
I will keep it on top of my fridge during Halloween season because it stands out against my white cabinets.

Ikea Strala Halloween haunted woods light hack

Ikea Strala Halloween light hack

The kids thought it was the BEST. That's all that matters.

Talk to you soon fellow webbers und guten Tag.