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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Organize Me Pretty

I'm not going to lie, I was a little scared of participating in this series and I told Ursula that I'm not sure I'm the right person for this. While my house always looks clean, I'm not going to ask you to open my closets and drawers. Some are more organized than others.
And my life has felt really out of control lately so committing to an organizing tour is a little out of my comfort zone. But what better way to feel like you are gaining controlled again than to organize things? It does make you feel better for sure.

So big thank you Ursula for asking me to participate.

While I didn't get everything done that I wanted to, I did get my daughter's room more organized. I have been talking about her a lot lately (HERE, HERE and HERE) and with her issues, she likes nothing more than spending time in her room doing crafts.

Yup, it was somewhat of a mess! Her old set up of a toddler table and chairs didn't work for her anymore. She turned eight and was ready for a big girl desk that she could grow with. 
Unfortunately we were restricted in size, since she has closet doors opening into her space. But the Ikea Besta Burs desk fit the area perfectly.

So this is how I organized the space for her:

Ikea Besta Burs desk

The sleek Ikea desk has room for her to grow and possibly get little crafting organization underneath in the future.
And she has storage for pencils, markers and other little craft supplies. 

I bought the "paint by numbers" at a Goodwill last year and never found the perfect spot for them until now. (I staged them in THIS dresser makeover, do you remember?)

Ikea Besta Burs desk

The vintage tulip chair is perfect for her desk. I bought a set of 4 chairs and table last year at an auction for $75 and I love one of the chairs in her room.

I used two of my milk glass vases for her pencils and markers so she doesn't need to open the drawers nonstop.

Click HERE to see the headboard tutorial.

I also finally found the time to paint her shades grey, remember they used to be black and white stripes? I used my curtain tutorial for that (click HERE).

(more cuckoo clocks HEREHERE and HERE)

This drawer organizer I got at Target HERE* fits the drawer perfectly:

Ikea Besta Burs desk

Her drawers probably won't look like this for long, but I tried ;)

Since she loves to paint I set up the other side of her room to display all her art projects with Ikea Dignitet curtain wire which makes it easy to change out the always changing pieces of artwork.

Below her artwork display are two old Ikea Expedit shelves with baskets and lots of books. (click HERE to see how I painted the thrifted lamps on her shelves)

Isn't her artwork great? I love it and hung some pieces around the house as well. Click HERE and HERE to see.

Click HERE to see how easily you can make one of these pictures yourself.

And I have another closet that I'm proud of and it is one that guests actually do get to open to hang their jackets into. I did keep the wire shelving. I know it is hated by many but I just didn't see a reason to throw it out nor did I have the budget to do so.

And my make-up station is pretty organized as well:

Read more about my bathroom HERE.

I'm currently working on a little makeover of my tiny walk-in closet. Here is a sneak peek:

But I wasn't finished to share it today, so stop back soon for a closet update. It's a classic work with what you have case again, which I usually do.

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Make sure to head on over to my friend Aniko's at Place Of My Taste tomorrow. 


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Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Our bedroom over time

This is going to be a shorter post today. When I recently photographed our bedroom for fall I thought about how much I have changed it in the past years and months.
But I have kept a few key pieces which just shows how much you can do with accessories and there is no need to change out all the furniture if you have good basic pieces.

This is the way you saw our bedroom in my latest fall tour (click HERE):

For spring I went much lighter with plain white Ikea Merete curtains, no mirrors and copper and coral accents. Pinterest followers clearly made this a favorite (click HERE). 

And those paintings I made were a new addition as well.

Here is our bedroom in 2013 right after I reupholstered the chaise (click HERE). Lots of teal and turquoise but I love how much the rug and chaise changed up the room.

Oh and during that time I painted the free Craigslist mirrors (click HERE) turquoise. And we still had the family silhouettes I made over the bed.

This was early fall 2013 (ugh that brown chaise!!!):

And here is the brown chaise, tiny mirrored side tables which were perfect for our previous queen-sized four poster bed but not the king-sized new one and the zebra rug.

It all feels like such a long time ago. Well it kind of was a long time ago I just hate admitting to myself how fast time passes.

We have kept the mirrors, the chaise, the bed and the lamps but the look has changed completely.

I don't know about you but I usually love seeing posts like this on other blogs. It's always interesting to see how things have changed over time.

Don't forge: I will be moving this little blog to very soon so be sure to update all your bookmarks.



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