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Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Our bedroom over time

This is going to be a shorter post today. When I recently photographed our bedroom for fall I thought about how much I have changed it in the past years and months.
But I have kept a few key pieces which just shows how much you can do with accessories and there is no need to change out all the furniture if you have good basic pieces.

This is the way you saw our bedroom in my latest fall tour (click HERE):

For spring I went much lighter with plain white Ikea Merete curtains, no mirrors and copper and coral accents. Pinterest followers clearly made this a favorite (click HERE). 

And those paintings I made were a new addition as well.

Here is our bedroom in 2013 right after I reupholstered the chaise (click HERE). Lots of teal and turquoise but I love how much the rug and chaise changed up the room.

Oh and during that time I painted the free Craigslist mirrors (click HERE) turquoise. And we still had the family silhouettes I made over the bed.

This was early fall 2013 (ugh that brown chaise!!!):

And here is the brown chaise, tiny mirrored side tables which were perfect for our previous queen-sized four poster bed but not the king-sized new one and the zebra rug.

It all feels like such a long time ago. Well it kind of was a long time ago I just hate admitting to myself how fast time passes.

We have kept the mirrors, the chaise, the bed and the lamps but the look has changed completely.

I don't know about you but I usually love seeing posts like this on other blogs. It's always interesting to see how things have changed over time.

Don't forge: I will be moving this little blog to very soon so be sure to update all your bookmarks.



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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Fall Blogger Stylin Home Tours

I'm so thrilled to be participating in Lindsay's "Blogger Stylin' Home Tours Fall 2014" blog hop again this year.

You might be new here and coming from Traci's awesome blog "Beneath My Heart". So a big warm welcome from me. I hope you enjoy what you see.

Last year (click HERE) I went all out with Fall and Halloween decor but this year things are a little different around here for various reasons. Some are not so good because of our time-consuming personal struggles (click HERE to read) and some are awesome but I can't talk about it yet. I promise I will if it comes true.

I think I had a theme this year to work with what we had and spend a minimum of money. I accomplished that this Fall as well by simply switching things around that I had already.

The only thing I bought was a couple small pumpkins, $9 pillow shams from HomeGoods, Nate Berkus pouf for $17(ish) and a throw ($17.99), the rest was switched around from other rooms. I'm not a big fall decorator to begin with so minimal Fall decor comes natural to me ;)

Living Room
(click HERE to see the Spring Tour)

All I did for fall is move some pillows throughout the house into the living room. The leopard H&M pillows were in my daughter's room, the  Aquamarine Schumacher Chiang Mai Dragon pillow was always in my bedroom but nobody ever really saw it in there, so why not move it in to the living room? The colors are perfect for fall.

I also added some greenery from our garden.

It's a bit much going on right now, but that's usually what happens when you decorate for Fall ;)

I just had to get the Nate Berkus pouf after they marked it down to $17something, finally!
I really didn't need it, hey I didn't even really have room for it but I love it.

And I switched out my little disco balls in the horse bowl for some small pumpkins:

My great-grandparents writing feather (click HERE to read the story)
which is over 100 years old looks perfect with the fall decor.

I'm keeping the mantle as is:

There are cats snuggling everywhere in my house. Especially when it gets chillier outside.
Half blind Monkey-cat (she sounds like a monkey when she meows) keeps coming 

in more to hang out with me (click HERE to read more about our cats)

Click HERE to read more about my hallway makeover.

I finally hung up my new brass skull in the kitchen.

Read more about our kitchen HERE.

Click HERE to read more about this pumpkin.

Yup, minimal pumpkin action in the dining room for this year.
But you can read about my painted curtains and my gallery wall HERE and HERE.

Our Bedroom:

I decided to add some more yellow to our bedroom after going coral for spring. Yellow isn't necessarily a fall color but I love it and I already had the yellow pillows on the chaise from a giveaway. That's where my $9 shams from HomeGoods come in. They look great on the bed. The greek key pillows are old and where a steal which my friend Bethany alerted me to last year. You are going to visit Bethany after this post, right? ;)

Click HERE to read how I reupholstered this chaise.

Here is the throw I bought and hurry if you want one, because it's on sale for $17.99 right now.
Not bad, right? (*click HERE)

My 19 year old Manx cat in her favorite spot. 
And nope that's not the same cat as before but they do look very similar.

Our daughter's bedroom:

For fall I reversed her Ikea comforter to show some plaid instead of the stripe.

I got my daughter these fun diamond patterned pillows at Ikea in Germany for $4. I haven't seen them around here yet have you? I know, I know...not really a fall decor addition but I really like them and though I'd share them with you. You can read more about how I made her bed by clicking HERE).

And before you leave I just wanted to show you how I simply switched out my summer look for the fall look by replacing flowers and pillows to make it a little more cozy. I hope the animation doesn't take too long to load. Let me know!

Next on the blog hop is my friend Bethany from "Dwelling by Devore" make sure to 
pay her a visit to keep this blog hop going by clicking HERE.

And if you want to check out the rest of the bloggers participating, then here you go:


Cuckoo 4 Design 




I won't be posting until my "Living Pretty with your pets" post on Friday, so enjoy your week my friends and hopefully some new friends ;)



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