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Monday, September 17, 2012

New Chevron Rug

I finally took some pictures of my new Ballard Design Chevron rug in the kitchen.

Ballard Design Chevron ZigZag Indoor/Outdoor rug and marble iron bistro table

In an earlier post I was concerned about my new rugs not laying flat like my older leopard Ballard Design indoor/outdoor rug, but I have to say they all are.

They needed a really sticky rug pad and the best one out there so far (and cheapest one) I found at Ikea. Works like a charm! The Lowes rug pad was horrible!

I got rid of my old striped Flor rug that I had custom cut. It drove me nuts. The Flor tiles attracted dirt and hair like a magnet and I had to vacuum it nonstop.

Flor tiles cut into stripes review
This is what the rug looked like an hour after vacuuming it!

My new chevron rug is perfect because it shows no dirt at all. I'm so happy with it.

grey chevron zigzag rug with grey horizontal striped curtains

So what you think? Doesn't it look pretty?

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